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A valve prosthesis (9) for implantation in the body by use of catheter (11) comprises a stent made from an expandable cylinder-shaped thread structure (2, 3) comprising several spaced apices (4). The elastically collapsible valve (6) is mounted on the stent as the commissural points (5) of the valve ...

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A disposable element is provided for use in analytical equipment for an electrochemical determination. The disposable element comprises a working electrode, a reference electrode, and a fusible electrically conducting link. This link may be fused to ensure single use of the disposable element.

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ID codes are given individually to each information carrier reproducing apparatus. Each information carrier (1) has a subsidiary storing area (18, 3, 17) for recording reproduction-management-information (RMI) and ID codes can be registered in this area. When the ID code of a reproducing apparatus i ...

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Checks used to effect commercial and private transactions may be cleared through the banking system by transporting images of those checks between sending instituions (14) and receiving institutions (16) in forward and reverse flow paths between banks of first deposit and payor banks. The check imag ...

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Disclosed is a means of preventing restenosis of an artery at a trauma site due to intimal hyperplasia. That device comprises a thin wire with a radioactive tip that can temporarily be introduced into the artery and left at the trauma site for a limited period of time.

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A method of manipulating and obtaining access to graphical desktop objects is disclosed. Touch-sensitive fields are provided on a computer display for user selection. Upon selecting one of the fields with a fingertip, a fingerprint therefrom is analyzed and compared to a list of authorized fingerpri ...

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Balloons and balloon catheters with a superior overall combination of distensibility, elastic stress response and strength. The improved properties of the balloons result from the method or process used to form the balloons, as well as the polymeric materials used in said balloon forming process. Ad ...

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A hierarchization circuit (80) hierarchizes a conversion coefficient from a DCT circuit (13) to give the same to a quantization circuit (81). The hierarchization circuit (80) does not transmit a conversion coefficient of an AC coefficient regarding a hierarchy 2 x 2. Accordingly, rate control of the ...

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A recording apparatus uses a recording head for enabling colorant to adhere to a recording medium, and a colorant container for containing the colorant to be supplied to said recording head for enabling the colorant to adhere to said recording medium in accordance with image information data. This a ...

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An aqueous coating composition suited for the production of an antistatic layer on a water resistant resin member which composition contains as an essential antistatic component a polythiophene with conjugated polymer backbone in the presence of a polymeric polyanion compound, characterized in that ...