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An apparatus for inserting a staple into torn tissue such as the meniscus of the knee. The apparatus includes a pair of shafts 26, 28 individually movable in a longitudinal direction which are actuable from a handle mechanism 32, 24. The shafts are movable sequentially so that the shafts disjunctive ...

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The present invention provides a bipolar surgical instrument 10 comprising a handle portion 20, a tool portion 60 for applying electrical energy to tissue cooperating with the handle portion for movement between an open and closed position, electrical connection means 80 for connecting the tool port ...

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An instrument (10) for cauterizing blood vessels while performing an endoscopic procedure includes a rigid outer tube (11) with a proximal end (15), a distal end (14) and an inner, semi-rigid, tube (12) passing through the outer tube (11) from its proximal end (15) to its distal end (14). The inner ...

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An instrument 20 for closing trocar puncture wounds having a handle assembly 26 with a stationary portion 28 and a movable portion 30; an elongated portion 32 attached at a proximal end thereof to the stationary portion of the handle assembly; and needle deploying means 36 associated with the elonga ...

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A thin film transistor structure for a liquid crystal display device of the active matrix type wherein leak current is suppressed to stabilize the threshold voltage and the dispersion in gate capacitance coupling and the channel length are minimized is disclosed. The liquid crystal display device co ...

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The elevator (10) for supporting a string of pipe (15) in a well rig is actuable between a closed condition for gripping of the pipe (15) and an open condition, and includes a safety device for preventing opening of the elevator (10) when a string of pipe (15) is positioned in and supported by the e ...

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Remote-controllable lock, particularly for motor-vehicle doors, with a portable transmitter (18) and with a fixed reception device (17) which converts permissible signals emitted by the transmitter (18) into switching commands for lock parts. The lock has a rotary latch (2) which cooperates with a l ...

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Novel compounds of the formula (1) in which the general symbols are as defined in Claim 1 are described as stabilisers for organic materials against thermal, oxidative or light-induced degradation.

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An endoscopic surgical instrument (10) having a handle assembly (12), a body portion (18), and a tool mechanism (28) in which a pivoting handle (16) pivots about a stationary handle (14) to open and close the tool mechanism. The instrument includes a rotatable body portion, in which a rotation knob ...

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The invention relates to a shoe containing a flexible shaft provided with two bands, a central closure as well as a cable pull, the central closure being arranged on one of the two bands. Such a shoe is characterised by a low number of parts which are easy to manufacture and easy to mount and thus b ...