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A robotic surgical system includes a multiple degree of freedom manipulator arm having a surgical tool. The arm is coupled to a controller for controllably positioning the surgical tool within a three dimensional coordinate system. The system further includes a safety monitoring processor for determ ...

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A shaped piece of swollen demineralized bone which can also be plasticized is provided for use in surgical bone repair.

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An array of electrode sites are placed in a heart chamber. The shape of the chamber and the location of the electrodes is determined via impedance plethysmography. Electrical measurements taken from the electrode array and referenced to a surface contacting electrode is used to generate a three-dime ...

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A process to recover oil is provided wherein an oil containing subterranean formation is heated by conductive heat transfer from heat injectors operating at temperatures above 900.degree. C. The high temperature levels of this process result in high recoveries of initial oil in place, and recovery o ...

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A surgical staple is used in joining the skin or fascia of a patient, and is especially desired to be used with mesh placed over a cut organ, such as the kidney. The staple is adapted to be formed about a central anvil and former. The configuration of the staple is such that at initial contact the p ...

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A method for use in intra-abdominal surgery comprises the steps of inserting a tubular member into a natural body cavity of a patient through a natural body opening, manipulating the tubular member from outside the patient so that a distal end of the tubular member engages a wall of the natural body ...

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This arterial blood monitoring system takes advantage of the basic statistical property that arterial blood contains a plurality of dominant absorbers, whose measured light absorption spectra appear as a constant over a short interval of time. By measuring the transmitted light as it varies with art ...