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A work station for use by a trader of securities on an established market. The work station is integrated into a network of competing market makers for a plurality of securities for trading. A centralized database provides a feed of data on current market events for the securities, including price a ...

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The present invention employs ultrasonic energy delivered to myocardial tissue at frequencies sufficient to destroy the myocardial tissue implicated in the arrhythmic. More specifically, the present invention comprises an ultrasonic transducer mounted on a distal end of a catheter and at least one e ...

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The illumination device (1) proposed is designed to produce models (6), or for the direct illumination of electronic elements, and includes a light source (2) and a pattern generator (3).

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A testing method and system for testing the mental performance capability of a human subject includes a digital computer workstation which presents a test to the subject, such as visumotor memory task. Simultaneously, a physiological sensing and amplification device amplifies and analyzes the subjec ...

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A set of hypermedia linking services enable client applications to incorporate hypermedia capabilities in an open system architecture. The users are provided with a consistent hypermedia interface completely managed by the hypermedia services and not by the client application itself. The graphical u ...

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A solid state, directly overwritable, electronic, non-volatile, high density, low cost, low energy, high speed, readily manufacturable, multibit single cell memory based upon phenomenologically novel electrical switching characteristics provided by a unique class of semiconductor materials in unique ...

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A flooring system having a base member having a top side, an underside, and four circumferentially spaced outer edges, a tongue connector secured to one outer edge by an interlocking rib and groove, a groove connector secured to another outer edge by an interlocking rib and groove, the tongue connec ...