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Multi-functional showerheads which include a central water supply shaft along which an outer housing is selectively adjustable so that the showerheads are operable in a first mode wherein the housing rotates to provide a massage action and in a second mode to provide a fixed or rotary shower spray.

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An earth drilling machine of the type having a boom mounted adjacent a mast to move a tubular between a lower, horizontal boom position and an upper, vertical boom position also includes a lifter configured to move a length of downhole tubular between a lower lifter position aligned with a tubular s ...

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A hot melt adhesive composition includes decorative polyester glitter flakes. The compositions are designed for use at temperatures low enough that degradation of the glitter is avoided.

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A method of forming a semiconductor-on-insulator device comprises the steps of forming a first alignment mark on a semiconductor substrate at a first reference position, forming a diffusion region in the semiconductor substrate at a position defined with respect to the first alignment mark according ...

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A computer-aided software engineering facility and method for creating computer source code and executable computer programs that are distributable across multiple hardware environments or platforms. An object oriented modeling system is linked with modules of a computer programming language and oth ...

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TFTs with an inverted stagger structure are fabricated according to the invention as follows; a glass substrate after depositing amorphous silicon (a-Si) thereupon is transferred to a laser annealing chamber which is kept in non-oxidation ambient and provided with a sample holder and a substrate hea ...

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A semiconductor device capable of performing a failure analysis includes a semiconductor substrate having a plurality of circuit elements, and an identification region provided above the semiconductor substrate so as to record identification information such as position information within wafers, in ...

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A plurality of piezoelectric resonators (10,32,37,57,62,66,79,88,93) are utilized to form a bandpass filter (31,56,78). The resonators (10,32,37,57,62,66,79,88,93) are connected in parallel to form a plurality of parallel paths between an input (43,73,81) and an output (47,74,82) of the filter (31,5 ...

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A method of decoding data for a language having the Roman alphabet or a language having a syllabic alphabet from a composite video signal comprises the steps of receiving the data in the form of data packets and determining from bit values stored at particular bit positions whether the data is contr ...

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A convertible wheelchair permits change over from an attended wheelchair arrangement to a self propelled wheelchair arrangement. The wheelchair accommodates both lateral and longitudinal dimensional changes. Further, the seat can pivot relative to the frame, as well as permitting a seat back to tilt ...