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A reagent pack for carrying a plurality of individual reagent containers which are required for performing a specific immunoassay is suitable both for transportation of the assays from the manufacturer to the instrumentation site and for use at the instrumentation site during the running of the spec ...

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A package is provided for an integrated circuit comprising a combined heat dissipating and electromagnetic shielding structure. Conveniently, the heat dissipation and shielding structure is a laminated composite structure including layers of several materials having complementary characteristics to ...

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Novel 6-heterocyclyl-pyrazolo[3,4-d]pyrimidin-4-ones, useful in treating cardiovascular disease, are prepared by reacting a 5-amino-1H-pyrazole-4-carboxamide with heterocyclylcarboxaldehyde or by reacting a 5-amino-1H-pyrazole-4-carbonitrile with a heterocyclylcarboxamidine, followed by diazotizatio ...

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A vector coding scheme for video transform coefficients is provided. A vector is generated to identify a group of coefficients from a block of transform coefficients that qualify for transmission according to predetermined criteria. In an illustrated embodiment, only coefficients having nonzero ampl ...

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A method for forming a plurality of surface conduction paths (33) in a conductive region (16) of a first conductivity type. A plurality of areas (17) of a second conductivity type are formed in the conductive region (16). The plurality of areas (17) deplete the conductive region (16) when a reverse ...

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A device for selectively damping golf club vibrations by controlling their frequencies through optimal positioning at the point of maximum deformation energy for the vibration modes excited after impact. The device may be located at either or both of upper and lower intermediate sections of the club ...

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A video camera recorder having a watertight housing including a housing body, a housing bottom and a closure for closing an opening of the housing. The opening is watertightly closed by a watertight structure including an annular bead formed in the housing and a packing provided to the closure. An e ...

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A method of forming in a desired location in a well bore a dual-state composite of a hardened hydraulic cement and a solid rubber which features the use of a composition consisting essentially of a mixture of a slurry of a hydraulic cement and a vulcanizable rubber latex.

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A downhole adjustable stabilizer and method are disclosed for use in a well bore and along a drill string having a bit at the lower end thereof. A plurality of stabilizer blades are radially movable with respect to the stabilizer body, with outward movement of each stabilizer blade being in response ...

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A computer system operable as a virtual machine system capable of accessing multiple virtual address spaces, which has an access register translation means for translating a space identifier into an origin address of a table for address translation and a translation pair memory for storing translati ...