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A cardiac probe employs a dynamic mounting element that supports one or more electrodes at its distal end in relatively constant surface contact against the expanding and contact endocardial surface.

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A shopping cart display system includes a cart mounted display that is responsive to unique trigger signals provided by respective transmitters associated with respective fixed locations. When the display receives a unique trigger signal, it displays advertising associated with the respective locati ...

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An apparatus and a method for routing data in a radio data communication system having one or more host computers, one or more intermediate base stations, and one or more RF terminals organizes the intermediate base stations into an optimal spanning-tree network to control the routing of data to and ...

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An organic electroluminescent multicolor image display device is disclosed containing an image display array made up of a plurality of light emitting pixels arranged in intersecting files (rows and columns). Each pixel contains a light transmissive first electrode, an electroluminescent medium overl ...

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A body temperature thermometer has a probe head assembly (8) which includes a first sensor (10), such as a thermopile, for generating a first output signal representative of an amount of infrared radiation impinging thereon The probe head assembly further includes a waveguide (16) and a surrounding ...

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A translator for translating objects defined in an object-oriented programming environment to a relational database schema permits persistent storage of object instances as records in a relational database. Object instances are mapped to entity tables with object instances represented by entity reco ...

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A surface mountable microwave IC package includes a dielectric substrate; a ground conductor disposed on a front surface of a dielectric substrate on which a microwave IC chip is disposed and grounded; and a transmission line for connecting the microwave IC chip to a coplanar line on a package subst ...

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A network management system includes a user interface, a virtual network and a device communication manager. The virtual network includes models which represent network entities and model relations which represent relations between network entities. Each model includes network data relating to a cor ...

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A multicolor image display device includes an array consisting of a plurality of light emitting pixels arranged in two intersecting sets of parallel files, the pixels in a first set of parallel files forming columns and the pixels in a second set of parallel files forming rows on a common electrical ...

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A handheld, portable device (10) for processing point of sale transactions includes a housing (20), a magnetic card reader (40) for reading credit card information, the reader (40) carried within the housing (20) substantially adjacent to the first end (23) of the housing (20), a numeric keyboard (5 ...