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The invention provides methods and kits for producing specific binding pairs (sbp) members. Populations of polypeptide chain components of sbp members are combined to form libraries of sbps displayed by secreted replicable genetic display packages (rgdp). At least one of the polypeptide chains is ex ...

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An anion exchange resin having a structure of a crosslinked copolymer comprising from 19 to 98 mol% of units of N-vinyl amine, amino groups of which may be alkylated by methyl groups or ethyl groups, from 0.1 to 60 mol% of units of divinylbenzene and from 0 to 60 mol% of units of other vinyl compoun ...

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The terminal distribution box arrangement for signal transmission cables, particularly those made from optical fibres, comprises a multiplicity of plugs in a plug panel (10) for pluggably connecting mains-side and user-side optical fibres. In this case, the plug panel (10) is located in a frame (2) ...

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A radio telephone arrangement comprises two or more card readers (10,11,13) for accommodating a corresponding number of memory cards (SIM1, SIM2, SIM3) e.g. in the form of subscriber identity modules (SIMs). The various card readers may be designed to accept memory cards having different physical fo ...

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An electro-optical system intended for medical use that measures and analyses an individual's cumulative short-wave and long-wave UV-radiation exposure as detected by sensor 10 of the system attached to the individual. Sensor 10 separately registers sequences of UV-A and UV-B signals which are synch ...

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A magnetic transponder (30) is mounted on the ferrous body (12) of a compressed gas bottle (10) to enable remote identification of the bottle. The transponder includes an integrated circuit (44) containing an identification code and/or data for the specific bottle and also contains an antenna (42) c ...

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A method of producing sustained-release microcapsules containing a biologically active substance from an W/O emulsion comprising an inner aqueous phase containing said biologically active substance and an external oil phase containing a biodegradable polymer, characterized in that microcapsules form ...

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The compounds having the following formula (I) wherein n is 0 or 1; or the pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof may be used for the preparation of a medicament for preventing, improving and treating a disease caused by the bacterium Campylobacter pylori, in particular peptic ulcer or gastritis ...

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An additive comprising a triglycerol-modified silicone compound as an active ingredient is added to aqueous paint compositions for reducing the surface tension thereof for ensuring formation of a smooth coating free of defects.

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Catalyst compositions comprising metallocene complexes having polymerisable groups may be used for the preparation of polyolefins. The catalyst compositions may be in the form of polymers comprising the metallocene complex and may be suitably supported on inorganic supports. Polymers having a broad ...