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Ligands to a member of the TNF/NGF receptor family are provided. The ligands bind to the region of the C-terminal cysteine loop of such a receptor. A process for the preparation of the ligands is also provided, as well as pharmaceutical compositions comprising the ligands.

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Braking device for skates including an item of footgear composed of a quarter (704) articulated to a shell which is in turn associated with a supporting frame (706) for one or more wheels. The device includes a rod member (709) connected to the quarter and is slidingly associated with the shell. The ...

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Catalyst compositions comprising both metallocene complexes having polymerisable groups and polymerization catalysts eg Ziegler-Natta may be used for the preparation of polyolefins. The catalyst compositions may comprise the metallocene complex in the form of a polymer and may suitably be supported ...

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A monoclonal antibody which recognizes human Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) receptor, is capable of inhibiting EGF binding to the receptor, is capable of inhibiting growth of EGF-dependent tumor cells, and in addition has at least one of the following properties: a) has antibody-dependent cellular cy ...

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There is described a flame-retardant, easy-to-process mineral fibre mat laminated on one or both sides with a preconsolidated synthetic fibre nonwoven having a basis weight from 10 to 100 g/m and made of staple or continuous polyester fibre. The mineral fibre mat is held bonded to the synthetic fibr ...

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Detergent composition comprising the compounds represented by the formula (I) + (II) wherein the weight ratio of mono, di and tri-ester is 46-90/9-30/1-15, wherein: - "B" represents "H" or the group represented by provided that R represents alkyl or alkenyl group having C6-22. R' represents H or CH3 ...

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The device, when fixed to an item of property, for example, a lorry trailer; post office van or car, may be set or re-set by a remote transmitter. When set it records its position using a Global Positioning System. If the property is stolen or lost and the position changes from that when set, it res ...

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In order to provide a coating material for formation of an antistatic/high refractive index film possessing superior antistatic effects, as well as an antistatic/anti-reflection film covered transparent material laminated body provided with superior antistatic effects and anti-reflection effects obt ...

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In an optical information recording reproducing apparatus, a semiconductor laser (1) has plural light emitting parts (1a,1b) within a chip, so that plural light spots are formed on an information recording medium (5) to effect recording/reproduction information and focusing error signal detection, u ...

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A system for the automatic detection of moving vehicles, with data exchange, particularly with automatic toll charging, comprising a fixed receiving and transmitting station capable of communicating with a plurality of on-board transceiver units (3) each of which is associated with one vehicle. To a ...