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An apparatus is disclosed for endoscopic application of surgical staples adapted to attach surgical mesh to body tissue in laparoscopic hernia surgery. The apparatus includes a frame, and a generally elongated endoscopic section connected to the frame and extending distally therefrom. A staple stora ...

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An electrosurgical instrument for the removal of tissue polyps and the like is disclosed. It features a bipolar pair of conductive electrodes for the cutting of tissue in which at least one electrode is moveable in relation to the other. These electrodes are mounted relative to an insulating plug, w ...

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A prosthetic vertebra has a first hollow parallelepiped-shaped component and a second component shaped identically to the first component and marginally smaller than the first component. The second component can accordingly be positioned partially within the first component and can be axially moved ...

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A puncture seal device for stemming the flow of blood from a punctured blood vessel has an elongated outer sheath affixed to a generally tubular housing where the housing contains a manually actuable slide which is affixed to a rigid tubular pusher member coaxially disposed within the outer sheath. ...

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A process for the preparation of toner compositions which comprises dissolving a polymer, and optionally a pigment in an organic solvent; dispersing the resulting solution in an aqueous media containing a surfactant, or mixture of surfactants; stirring the mixture with optional heating to remove the ...

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A system for rapid and automatic identification of persons, with very high reliability and confidence levels. The iris of the eye is used an optical fingerprint, having a highly detailed pattern that is unique for each individual and stable over many years. Image analysis algorithms find the iris in ...

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Surgical repairs such as hernia repairs are made via laparoscopic techniques, by attaching a panel or patch of substantially continuous prosthetic material, dimensioned for introduction into a patient via a laparoscopic instrument. The panel is preferably expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), pro ...

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An implant and method is disclosed using microparticles to provide a controlled, sustained release, and improved cellular uptake, of chemotherapeutic agents.

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A gaming machine and game coupons are disclosed for allowing an operator to redeem winning game coupons by inserting them directly into the gaming machine rather than by taking them to a cashier. The game coupons are coded with a machine-readable prize code which represents a number of prize game cr ...

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A distributed data processing network includes multiple memory card databases at terminal nodes of the network. The network is programmed to automatically perform routine communications operations such as conveying identification information between the terminal nodes and interior nodes. The network ...