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Method and sytems are provided for rendering and displaying in a real time 3-D computer graphic system a sequence of images of a subject using a plurality of time-sequenced textures such that at least a portion of the subject appears animated. The time-sequenced textures are derived from sources suc ...

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The transaction processing system includes a broadcasting station (12) broadcasting a television signal and a teletext signal, the teletext signal including service information concerning transactions, a home-use terminal (13), a television set (5) connected to the home-use terminal, a transaction p ...

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This invention relates to a formaldehyde-free curable aqueous composition containing a polyacid, a polyol and an optional phosphorous-containing accelerator. The composition may be used as a binder for heat resistant nonwovens such as nonwovens composed of fiberglass.

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A method and system are disclosed for generating for display on a display surface a plurality of two-dimensional images of a virtual world scene that appears distortion-free and naturally three-dimensional to an observer whose eyepoint moves between different positions relative to the display. At ea ...

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A device (10) for compressing a ventricle (12) of a heart (102) from one or more sides in synchronism with the natural contraction of the ventricle (systole), and providing arrhythmia control of the heart, is completely implantable in the body (100) of a patient user externally of the heart. Compres ...

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The invention provides translucent, water-insoluble hydrogel compositions and methods of making them. The hydrogel compositions comprise a polyvinyl alcohol polymer and a complexing agent which are physically crosslinked to form a semi-crystalline polyvinyl alcohol-complexing agent polymer complex. ...

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A helmet mounted display system comprising an eyepiece (3) through which a wearer of the helmet directly views a forward scene (13). The eyepiece also serves to combine an intensified image of the forward scene with the wearer's direct view of the scene. The intensified image is produced by an optic ...

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Alternating current coefficients in a block of orthogonal transform coefficients representing a digital image are quantized with a quantization step size selected with regard to whether the block represents motion or a still image, the fineness of the pictorial pattern in the image, the position of ...

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The invention provides compounds of formula I: wherein X, R and R are defined in the specification. These compounds are useful as antibiotic agents.

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The invention provides compounds of the formula: wherein R, R, R and W are defined in the specification. These compounds are useful as antibiotic agents.