Fred Thomas Fred Thomas
Fred C Thomas, Don W Wallentine, James Bero, Scott Wilson: Steering laser beam while etching optical servo tracks for magnetic disks. Iomega Corporation, Woodcock Washburn Kurtz Mackiewicz & Norris, February 1, 1994: US05283773 (26 worldwide citation)

A beam of light used to etch servo tracks on a magnetic disk is steered with an acousto-optical device to maintain the beam in concentrical patterns while mechanically moving the optics which generate the beam of light continuously radially of the disk.

Cesare Gianturco: Percutaneous stent assembly. Cook Incorporated, Woodard Emhardt Naughton Moriarty & McNett, February 1, 1994: US05282824 (680 worldwide citation)

A self-expanding stent assembly consisting of one or more Z-stents connected to one another and covered by a flexible sleeve, which can be made from either nylon, plastic or another suitable material. The stents are formed of stainless steel wire arranged in a closed zig-zag configuration which incl ...

James E Lalonde, Terry R Dettmann: Computer-based classified ad system and method. EC Corporation, Townsend and Townsend, February 1, 1994: US05283731 (650 worldwide citation)

A computerized classified ad system and method. The system comprises a data processor including means for creating an ad database comprising a plurality of ads, each ad containing text data describing an item to be made available through the system. In a first aspect, the data processor also include ...

Kenneth Kensey, John E Nash, Douglas Evans: Hemostatic puncture closure system and method of use. Kensey Nash Corporation, Caesar Rivise Bernstein Cohen & Pokotilow, February 1, 1994: US05282827 (559 worldwide citation)

A system, a closure, and method of use for determining the position of a blood vessel via a percutaneous puncture and for sealing the percutaneous puncture in the blood vessel. The system includes an introducer sheath and associated positioning device, a hemostatic puncture closure, and a deployment ...

Matthew E Hermes: Hollow body implants. United States Surgical Corporation, February 1, 1994: US05282829 (548 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a surgical incision or wound closure implant device possessing an interior hollow core region while maintaining the mechanical beam characteristics of the overall structure. In the case of cored biodegradable implant devices the thickness of the cored region can be var ...

Henry Von Kohorn: System and method of communication with authenticated wagering participation. Perman & Green, February 1, 1994: US05283734 (520 worldwide citation)

A system and method for wagering and for evaluating responses to broadcast programs, such as television programs, includes an instructional signal modulated onto a signal transmitted concurrently with the television program, or time-multiplexed with a television. At each of a plurality of remote rec ...

Charles V Burton: Flexible stabilization system for a vertebral column. Charles V Burton, Merchant Gould Smith Edell Welter & Schmidt, February 1, 1994: US05282863 (518 worldwide citation)

A device and method for a flexible stabilization system for a vertebral column is disclosed. The device includes a strong, non-metallic stabilization element or elements for providing flexibility. The stabilization elements are secured to the vertebrae and wherein, when secured, the stabilization el ...

James A Glick, Ronald B Graczyk, Albert F Nurick, Brittain D Fraley: Computing and multimedia entertainment system. Compuadd Corporation, Baker & Botts, February 1, 1994: US05283819 (507 worldwide citation)

A remotely controllable computing and multimedia entertainment system includes a personal computer (24) having an entertainment circuit (12) made up of a radio frequency circuit (48), a television circuit (46), and an audio multimedia circuit (18). A remote control circuit (50) provides programmable ...

Terry M Haber, William H Smedley, Clark B Foster: Endoscopic surgical instrument having a removable, rotatable, end effector assembly. Habley Medical Technology Corporation, Townsend and Townsend Khourie and Crew, February 1, 1994: US05282806 (493 worldwide citation)

An instrument (602), particularly suited for endoscopic use, has an elongate body, including a base (604) and an elongate spindle (630) rotatably mounted to the base. A removable end-effector assembly (612), mounted at the distal end of the spindle (630), includes end-effector elements (608, 610), s ...

Milton M Anderson: System and method for paying bills electronically. Bell Communications Research, Leonard Charles Suchyta, Loria B Yeadon, February 1, 1994: US05283829 (477 worldwide citation)

An electronic bill payment system and method include billing equipment for creating approval records and generating approval numbers for each pre-authorized subscriber. The system also includes an interactive payment approval apparatus into which subscribers dial to approve payment and which determi ...