Green David T, Ehrenfels Karl H, Kappel Gary S: Apparatus for applying surgical fasteners.. United States Surgical, January 19, 1994: EP0579038-A1 (145 worldwide citation)

A surgical stapling or fastening instrument for applying surgical fasteners to tissue having an adjustable closure mechanism to linearly approximate the distance between the jaw members (20,22) of the instrument. The adjustable closure mechanism consists of a retaining mechanism (32) and a linkage s ...

Strecker Ernst Peter Dr Med Pr: Implantable percutaneous endoprosthesis.. Strecker Ernst Peter Dr Med Pr, January 19, 1994: EP0578998-A1 (138 worldwide citation)

The percutaneous endoprosthesis (10) which can be implanted, in particular into a blood vessel or another body cavity, has a variable lumen and a casing (12, 13) which consists of a sheathing material equipped with at least one incorporated medicament to be gradually administered to the patient in t ...

Hsieh Chang Ming, Hsu Louis L C, Ogura Seiki: High-density dram structure on soi.. Ibm, January 19, 1994: EP0579566-A2 (119 worldwide citation)

A high density, DRAM cell array with a very short channel, vertical gate transfer transistor that can be manufactured using conventional photolithography process steps. The conventional four-by-four DRAM array shown schematically in Figure 1a is rearranged to the shared-gate, double-bit array shown ...

Garcia Lopez Francisco: Garcia Lopez Francisco, January 19, 1994: GB2268690-A (104 worldwide citation)

A vaginal autosuture device to treat urinary incontinence in women is disclosed. The device comprises an elongate body 10 having at one of its ends an extension at a specific angle to the horizontal axis of the body. The extension defines a head 11 through which and by means of actuating a manual co ...

Weidemann William E: Normalizing correlator for video processing.. Recognition Int, January 19, 1994: EP0578875-A1 (96 worldwide citation)

A video image processor for generating an enhanced image of data based upon input gray scale picture element values of image data of a document background and printed information contained thereon generates a histogram of the gray scale picture element values for each tile of image data for an area ...

Cottenceau Jean Philippe, Chevillon Gerard, Anidjar Samy: Vascular prosthesis for aneurisma treatment.. Celsa L G, Anidjar Samy Docteur, January 19, 1994: EP0579523-A1 (70 worldwide citation)

The prosthesis, suitable for treating vascular aneurisms, consists of a supple elongated sleeve (7) forming a passage for the blood to flow through, supports (3) with hooked tips (17') for engaging with the inner wall of the blood vessel and springs (29) which enable the supports to move from a retr ...

Tibbitts Gordon: Drill bit having diamond film cutting elements. Baker Hughes, January 19, 1994: GB2268768-A (66 worldwide citation)

A layer of diamond 20 formed by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) is brazed to a drill bit body 12 to form a culling or wear element thereon. The ability to withstand high temperatures permits the culling or wear elements to be brazed using alloys requiring much higher temperatures than those used in ...

Herrmann Hans Friedrich Dr, Bachmann Bernd Dr, Spaleck Walter Dr: Olefin polymerization catalyst, process for its preparation, and its use.. Hoechst, January 19, 1994: EP0578838-A1 (58 worldwide citation)

A supported polymerization catalyst which is applicable in all polymerization processes is comprised of the reaction product of (A) a supported organoaluminum compound and (B) a metallocene catalyst component.

Loftsson Thorsteinn: Cyclodextrin complexation.. Loftsson Thorsteinn, January 19, 1994: EP0579435-A1 (56 worldwide citation)

The invention provides a method for enhancing the complexation of a cyclodextrin with a lipophilic and/or water-labile drug, comprising combining from about 0.1 to about 70% (weight/volume) of a cyclodextrin and from about 0.001 to about 5% (weight/volume) of a pharmaceutically acceptable, pharmacol ...

Mukaiyama Hiroyuki, Kato Kazutoshi, Komatsu Akira: Variable focus visual power correction apparatus.. Seiko Epson, January 19, 1994: EP0578833-A1 (52 worldwide citation)

This invention aims at reducing astigmatism, securing uniform refraction power, preventing irregular reflection due to existence of a plurality of refraction planes, and reducing the size of a lens system in a variable focus type visual power correction apparatus in which a plurality of optical lens ...

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