Fred Thomas Fred Thomas
Fred C Thomas, Don W Wallentine, James Bero, Scott Wilson: Acousto-optical intensity control of laser beam during etching of optical servo information of magnetic media. Iomega Corporation, Woodcock Washburn Kurtz Mackiewicz & Norris, January 18, 1994: US05279775 (35 worldwide citation)

The intensity of a beam of light used to etch concentric servo tracks on a magnetic medium is adjusted with an acousto-optical device to maintain a substantially constant energy density delivered by the beam while the optics which generate the beam move radially of the disk.

Paul J Anderson, Ross A Jessen, David R Linde, Richard E Jones, Bert Walter, Paul E Christenson: Medical diagnostic system. Cascade Medical, Hugh D Jaeger, January 18, 1994: US05279294 (831 worldwide citation)

Hand-held shirt-pocket portable instrument for quantitative measurement of glucose or analysis in biological fluids. The system accepts a disposable diagnostic reagent test device which has a reagent carrier and mode of identifying to the instrument the reagent lot characteristics. The instrument in ...

Klein S Gilhousen, Franklin P Antonio: CDMA microcellular telephone system and distributed antenna system therefor. Qualcomm Incorporated, Russell B Miller, Katherine W Walker, January 18, 1994: US05280472 (514 worldwide citation)

A code division multiple access (CDMA) communication system in which cellular techniques are utilized in a wireless Private Branch Exchange (PBX) environment. A microcellular arrangement is defined in which a base station communicates user information signals using CDMA communication signals with su ...

Magdi F Habib, George W White, Jack W Brown: Orthopedic autotransfusion system. Gish Biomedical, George F Bethel, Patience K Bethel, January 18, 1994: US05279550 (494 worldwide citation)

The following disclosure comprises a medical autotransfusion and blood drainage reservoir for withdrawing blood from the site of an operation under vacuum. A walled reservoir is connected to the operation site and a vacuum is drawn therein to draw fluids from the operation site. Vacuum is provided b ...

Jerome J Schentag, David T D Andrea: Telemetry capsule and process. The State University of New York, Gastrotarget, Bean Kauffman & Spencer, January 18, 1994: US05279607 (475 worldwide citation)

An ingestible capsule and process for delivery, particularly repeatable delivery, of a medicament to the alimentary canal is disclosed wherein an essentially non-digestible capsule contains an electric energy emitting means, a radio signal transmitting means, a medicament storage means and a remote ...

Russell H Taylor, Yong yil Kim: Signaling device and method for monitoring positions in a surgical operation. International Business Machines Corporation, Perman & Green, January 18, 1994: US05279309 (471 worldwide citation)

The system and method includes a manipulator for manipulating a surgical instrument relative to a patient's body and, a position sensor for sensing the position of the surgical instrument relative to the patient's body. The manipulator can be manually or computer actuated and can have brakes to limi ...

Lawrence S Gullman, Eric Edwards, Norman Fast: Biometric token for authorizing access to a host system. Kamahira Safe Co, J E Brunton, January 18, 1994: US05280527 (459 worldwide citation)

A security apparatus receives a biometric input from a user, which then is compared to a template to determine a correlation factor. The correlation factor, a fixed code and either a time-varying code or a challenge code then are combined to generate a token. The token is displayed to the user, who ...

Larry J Hornbeck: Field updated deformable mirror device. Texas Instruments Incorporated, Brian C McCormack, James C Kesterson, Richard L Donaldson, January 18, 1994: US05280277 (340 worldwide citation)

The bistable deformable mirror device (DMD) used in a high-definition television (HDTV) application must be capable of supporting at least 128 grey levels, using pulse-width modulation. If the DMD is line-updated, then the minimum field time to support 128 grey levels cannot be achieved because of t ...

Carmen D Burns: Ultra high density integrated circuit packages method. Staktek Corporation, Fulbright & Jaworski, January 18, 1994: US05279029 (305 worldwide citation)

An ultra-thin level-one integrated circuit package with improved moisture penetration characteristics manufactured using a transfer molded casing with metallic lamination layers is provided. Additionally, a method and apparatus for providing a multiple-element modular package including a plurality o ...

Joachim Baumann, Hans Leysieffer, Guenter Hortmann: Charging system for implantable hearing aids and tinnitus maskers. Implex, Sixbey Friedman Leedom & Ferguson, January 18, 1994: US05279292 (276 worldwide citation)

Charging system for implantable hearing aids and tinnitus maskers with a repeatedly rechargeable direct voltage source. The charging system comprises an implantable receiving resonant circuit as the electrical energy source for the direct voltage source to be charged and a transmitting resonant circ ...