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An endometrial ablation method comprising passing sufficient RF current having a frequency of from 250 kHz to about 100 MHz through substantially the entire surface of the endometrium to heat the endometrium, in a single operation, to a temperature within the range of from 45.degree. C. to 90.degree ...

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Elastic substantially linear olefin polymers are disclosed which have very good processability, including processing indices (PI's) less than or equal to 70 percent of those of a comparative linear olefin polymer and a critical shear rate at onset of surface melt fracture of at least 50 percent grea ...

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A method of providing a conformal layer of TiSi.sub.x atop a semiconductor wafer within a chemical vapor deposition reactor includes the following steps: a) positioning a wafer within the reactor; b) injecting selected quantities of gaseous Ti(NR.sub.2).sub.4 precursor, gaseous silane and a carrier ...

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An information retrieval system and method are provided in which an operator inputs one or more query words which are used to determine a search key for searching through a corpus of documents, and which returns any matches between the search key and the corpus of documents as a phrase containing th ...

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It is possible to replace a standard tuning unit in a television with spatial light modulator circuitry to improve the resolution seen by the viewer. The invention herein provides a system architecture, individual parts of the system, and techniques for minimizing the burst data rate while maintaini ...

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A toner composition and processes for the preparation thereof comprising the steps of: (i) preparing a latex emulsion by agitating in water a mixture of a nonionic surfactant, an anionic surfactant, a first nonpolar olefinic monomer, a second nonpolar diolefinic monomer, a free radical initiator and ...

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Video card gaming devices and their method of use are disclosed. These permit players to use extensive wagering strategies analogous to the wagering available with table card games. The invention permits wagering of many denominations of coins, currency or markers and rapid major changes in the tota ...

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The present invention relates to novel oligonucleotides having phosphorodithioate internucleotide linkages which may be used for the treatment of diseases caused by viruses.

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A single entity contains source lines, being operated on by one or more end users. Within the same entity are entity version and level control data. Individual source lines contain version-related identification variables. After each version or level update by a user, a comparison is made between ne ...

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A biodegradable polymer is provided for use in providing syringeable, in-situ forming, solid biodegradable implants for animals. The polymer is placed into the animal in liquid form and cures to form the implant in-situ. A thermoplastic system to form said implant comprises the steps of dissolving a ...