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A very active catalyst system for the polymerisation or copolymerisation of olefins consists of a co-catalyst, preferably an aluminoxane or a supported aluminoxane, and a metallocene of the formula I in which, in the preferred form, M denotes Zr or Hf, R and R denote halogen or alkyl, R denotes alky ...

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This invention is for a method for varying the melting points and molecular weights of syndiotactic polyolefins by using metallocene catalysts with substituents on the aryl rings of a fluorene ligand in certain positions. Electron donating substituents, for example, dialkylamino, halogen, and alkoxy ...

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An implant (1) for fixing adjacent vertebrae in the region of the opposing bearing surfaces of the vertebrae is provided, in which several spherical spacers (2) having an open-cell or open-pore metal structure are disposed on at least one connecting element (6).

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Substituted heterocycles of the general structural formula: are tachykinin receptor antagonists useful in the treatment of inflammatory diseases, pain or migraine, and asthma and calcium channel blockers useful in the treatment of cardiovascular conditions such as angina, hypertension or ischemia.

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A pipeline structure processes data in a series of stages, each of which has a data input latch (LDIN) and passes it on to the next stage in the pipeline via a data output latch (LDOUT). The stages are preferably connected to two non-overlapping clock phases (PH0, PH1). Adjacent stages are also conn ...

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Dispersible particles consisting essentially of a crystalline anticancer agent having a surface modifier adsorbed on the surface thereof in an amount sufficient to maintain an effective average particle size of less than about 1000 nm. Anticancer compositions comprising the particles exhibit reduced ...

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Potted wire-wound loop-core structures are based on cores which include partial gapped inductors or transformers with their reduced dependence of inductance on current during operation. Total enclosure of gaps by encircling core material is both magnetic and physical, thereby avoiding fringing magne ...

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Complications of timing recovery in an ATM receiver (200) are overcome by employing a first phase lock loop (208) including a phase comparator (210), filter (211), voltage controlled oscillator (212) and output counter (214) to lock to systems clock reference (SCR) values which are asynchronously re ...

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A stereoselective glycosylation process for preparing beta anomer fluoronucleosides via the SN2 displacement of an anomeric sulfonyloxy group of an alpha anomer enriched fluorocarbohydrate with a nucleobase.

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The peroxidation of lipids inhibiting N-benzoylamino acid derivatives of the general formula (I), wherein R and R , which are the same or different, stand for a hydroxyl group optionally bearing an acetyl group; or a C1-6alkoxy group optionally substituted by a phenyl group; R represents: hydroxyl g ...