Harty Edmond Patrick, Harty Edmond Patrick Junior, O Callaghan Edmond: A meter and a method for measuring quantity of a flowing liquid. Dewvale, Harty Edmond Patrick, Harty Edmond Patrick Junior, O Callaghan Edmond, FF GORMAN Clifton House Lower Fitzwilliam Street Dublin 2, December 23, 1993: WO/1993/025871

A meter for measuring the quantity of milk by weight flowing in a pipeline comprises a main housing (7) having a main milk inlet pipe (35) and a main milk outlet pipe (36). A buffer chamber (24) in the main housing (7) receives and holds the milk prior to weighing. A weighing container (45) in a wei ...

Guttman Andras: Capillary electrophoresis using time-varying field strength. Beckman Instruments, MAY William H, December 23, 1993: WO/1993/025899

The present invention is directed to a technique that provides enhanced separation resolution in electrophoresis. This technique involves the use of a time-varying field strength, which may be progressively increasing or decreasing, constant or otherwise, as a function of time. The shape of the fiel ...

Gunnarsson Staffan, Hansson Jesper, Egnell Lars: A system for the transfer of information comprising several transponders. Saab Scania Combitech Aktiebolag, Gunnarsson Staffan, Hansson Jesper, Egnell Lars, LUNDQUIST Arne, December 23, 1993: WO/1993/025918

A system is described for communication by means of signals in form of electromagnetic waves, especially microwaves, within a restricted communication area (3, 7) comprising at least one first unit (4, 6) for emitting a first enquiry signal and receiving a number of reply signals and a number of fur ...

Pinfield Maurice John: Ticket processing terminal. Awa, Pinfield Maurice John, SMITH Stuart Murray, December 23, 1993: WO/1993/025979

The ticket processing apparatus for reading, printing and issuing tickets, betting cards, coupons and the like. The apparatus (1) comprises an indexing assembly (4) adapted to receive tickets (7) on a ticket processing path, and storage means (5) adapted to accommodate and store protruding end porti ...

Stricher Michel, Braun Alfred, Moreau Hugues: (Fr) Dispositif pour connaitre la proportion de mobiles atypiques, (En) Device for determining the proportion of atypical moving objects. Centre D Etudes Techniques de L Equipement de L Est, Stricher Michel, Braun Alfred, Moreau Hugues, MARCELLIER Robert, December 23, 1993: WO/1993/025989

(EN) A device for determining the proportion of atypical moving objects. The device combines at least two systems (11, 12) for transmitting/receiving electromagnetic, sound or ultrasonic waves, arranged at different heights and incrementing counters as moving objects (1, 2) pass by. Said device is p ...

Beasom James Douglas, Mclachlan Craig James: Bonded wafer processing. Harris Corporation, FITZGERALD Thomas R, December 23, 1993: WO/1993/026041

Warpage in a bonded wafer is limited by maintenance of a stress compensation layer on the backside of the bonded wafer during device fabrication processing. One embodiment applies a sacrificial polysilicon layer over a stress compensation silicon dioxide layer for bonded silicon wafers. The fabricat ...

Richards James: Raman device. The Commonwealth Of Australia, Richards James, COLLISON 117 King William Street Adelaide 5000, December 23, 1993: WO/1993/026067

An arrangement for a Raman laser shifter which uses a pressure cell (20) and optical elements (21-24) where the optical elements comprise mirrors (23, 24) and substantially pressure invariant lenses (21, 22) and which, in folded cavity design, is no longer than 50 mm and can thus be incorporated int ...

Yamaguchi Norio, Shiino Haruhiro: Maximum likelihood sequence estimating device and method therefor. Oki Electric Industry, Yamaguchi Norio, Shiino Haruhiro, SUZUKI Toshiaki, December 23, 1993: WO/1993/026106

In a sampling phase calculating section, for the respective sampled value sequences y¿i? of a received signal y(t) sampled with a plurality of different sampling phases, a complex crosscorrelation (C) between the part of the sampled value sequence y¿i? corresponding to a training sequence $g(F) of a ...

Debregeas Patrice, Leduc Gerard: Compositions stables de microgranules domeprazole gastro-proteges et leur procede dobtention, Stables compositions of microgranules of gastro-protected omeprazole and process for their preparation. Ethypharm, Ethypharm, OGILVY RENAULT SENCRLSRL, December 23, 1993: CA2138149

La pr�sente invention concerne une formulation stable de microgranules d'om�prazole comportant un noyau neutre consti-tu� de sucre et d'amidon, caract�ris�e en ce qu'elle comporte une couche active constitu�e d'une dilution d'om�prazole dans du mannitol en quantit�s sensiblement �gales. Elle concern ...

Erdemir Ali: Lubrication amelioree a partir dun melange dacide borique avec des huiles et des graisses, Improved lubrication from mixture of boric acid with oils and greases. Arch Development Corporation, The University Of Chicago, FINLAYSON & SINGLEHURST, December 23, 1993: CA2138275

A lubricant composition comprising a boric acid additive suspended and/or disper sed in an oil, grease, or polymer base. The inventive lubricant exhibits excellent resilience and load-carrying capacity over a wide range of temperature and use conditions.

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