Dawson John Dalby: An arm or wrist support. Cambrook, Dawson John Dalby, GODDARD George William John, December 23, 1993: WO/1993/025116

An arm or wrist support comprises a pad-shaped rest (1), moulded from a plastics material, having a base (2) integrally formed with a plurality of upstanding fronds (3) which are flexible needles between 2 and 5 mm in diameter with dome-shaped ends (4). The upper surface formed by the fronds (3) is ...

Bonewitz Wilfried: (De) Schienenbefestigung mit federelement aus kunststoff, (En) Rail anchoring device with plastic spring element. Harms & Haffke & Co, Bonewitz Wilfried, EFFERT Udo, December 23, 1993: WO/1993/025757

(EN) A rail anchoring element has a fastening bolt (3) which extends through a plastic spring element (5) and is anchored in the soleplate (6), clamping the plastic element (5) between a rail foot (1) and a support on the soleplate (6). The spring element is designed as an elastic plate provided on ...

Brownrigg Philip Godfrey: Fitting and manufacture of footwear. Brownrigg Philip Godfrey, NOONAN Gregory J, December 23, 1993: WO/1993/025109

Apparatus for measuring a foot includes a body (12) on which a person may rest a foot, and means (16) carried by the body (12) to define a reference location for the foot. Means (18, 40) is provided to apply pressure to two or more selected portions of the foot whereby to tension the foot to an exte ...

De, Clercq Erik Désiré Alice, Herdewijn Piet André Maurits, Van, Aerschot Arthur Albert Edgard: (Fr) Analogues de nucleosides a base de 1,5-anhydrohexitol et leur utilisation pharmaceutique, (En) 1,5-anhydrohexitol nucleoside analogues and pharmaceutical use thereof. Stichting Rega Vzw de, Clercq Erik Désiré Alice, Herdewijn Piet André Maurits, Van, Aerschot Arthur Albert Edgard, December 23, 1993: WO/1993/025565

(EN) It has been found that 1,5-anhydrohexitol nucleoside analogues, wherein a 4-substituted-2,3,4-trideoxy-1,5-anhydrohexitol is coupled via its 2-position to the heterocyclic ring of a pyrimidine or purine base, exhibit remarkable anti-viral properties against herpes viruses, pox viruses and relat ...

Takei Tetsuya, Ohtoshi Hirokazu, Yoshino Takehito, Okamura Ryuji, Takai Yasuyoshi: Electrophotographic photoreceptor provided with light-receiving layer made of non-single crystal silicon and having columnar structure regions, and manufacturing method therefor. Canon Kabushiki Kaisha, Takei Tetsuya, Ohtoshi Hirokazu, Yoshino Takehito, Okamura Ryuji, Takai Yasuyoshi, OGIUE Toyonori, December 23, 1993: WO/1993/025940

An electrophotographic photoreceptor comprising a substrate and a light-receiving layer provided on the substrate and made of a non-single-crystal material containing silicon atoms. The light-receiving layer has regions of columnar structure at a density from 5 to 500/cm?2¿. The columns extend from ...

Israelsson Per Viktor, Hinz Udo: Methods and apparatus pertaining to handoff in a mobile telecommunication system. Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson, LÖVGREN Tage, December 23, 1993: WO/1993/026100

The invention relates to a method and apparatus in a system comprising cordless telecommunication. The inventive method and apparatus utilize fuzzy-logic to evaluate at least two radio communication parameters when making a handoff decision, or to produce basic data on which a handoff decision can b ...

Hirai Junji, Hiraga Yoshiji, Hirose Kenji, Nitta Yuji, Hamamoto Hiroyuki, Nomura Kenji: Non-contact power transmission apparatus, non-contact signal transmitter, separation type machine using them and control method thereof. Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki, Hirai Junji, Hiraga Yoshiji, Hirose Kenji, Nitta Yuji, Hamamoto Hiroyuki, Nomura Kenji, WAKABAYASHI Tadashi, December 23, 1993: WO/1993/026020

A non-contact power transmission apparatus, a non-contact signal transmitter (which will be referred to as the 'power coupler' and the 'signal coupler', respectively) and a separation type machine using the couplers. The power coupler is a separation type transformer the primary and secondary sides ...

Lewis Jeffrey P, Szurgot Robert A, Moyer Jeffrey M: Systeme de catheterisme, Catheterization system. Arrow International Investment, OSLER HOSKIN & HARCOURT, December 23, 1993: CA2134547

A catheterization system (10) to allow the user to quickly visualize the flashback of blood after penetration of a blood vessel. The system (10) allows for minimum blood loss during initial penetration of the vessel. The invention is directed to a system (10) for introducing an over-the-needle cathe ...

Willis Gavin Rex: A cupboard carcass. Furniture Technology Systems, Willis Gavin Rex, BOULT WADE 27 Furnival Street London EC4A 1PQ, December 23, 1993: WO/1993/025119

The disclosure relates to a cupboard carcass comprising a one piece open fronted plastics moulding (11) having integral side (12), back (15) and bottom walls (13, 14) and external rigid bracing means (24, 32) supporting the lower front corners of the carcass against flexing.

Albecker Walter J: Backrests/legless leisure chairs and cushion methods. Albecker Walter J, December 23, 1993: WO/1993/025123

A number of generally wedge shaped backrests and legless leisure chairs for sitting on the floor or on a bed, which orient the user's upper back at a higher angle than the user's lower back. Most of the chairs described also support the lumbar region of the user's back in a relatively natural lordot ...

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