Seeliger Ursula, Mueller Wolfgang F, Heimann Frank, Huber Guenther, Habermann Wolfgang, Voss Hartwig, Siegel Hardo: Production simultanee dacides dicarboxyliques et de diamines a partir de polyamides, Simultaneous production of dicarboxylic acids and diamines from polyamides. Basf Aktiengesellschaft, ROBIC, December 23, 1993: CA2138154 (2 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a method for the simultaneous preparation of dicarboxylic acids and diamines from (a) polymers based on polyamides made by reacting dicarboxylic acids or derivatives thereof with diamines or (b) compounds containing essentially such polymers by decomposing these polymers into their cons ...

Ortlieb Hartmut: Dispositif servant a attacher un sac sur une bicyclette, une motocyclette ou autre vehicule assimile, Device for holding bags on bicycles, motorbicycles or the like. Ortlieb Hartmut, ADAMS PATENT & TRADEMARK AGENCY, December 23, 1993: CA2137836 (2 worldwide citation)

A device for holding bags on bicycles, motorbicycles or the like has at least on e fastening clip (20) arranged on the bag in a closable manner around a bar of a luggage carrier, the handle-bar or another str ut of the bicycle, motor bicycle or the like. The fastening clip (20) can be detached from ...

Watts Martin Owen, Elliston Dave Michael, Hughes Patrick Michael, Forse Nicholas John Arnold: Plate-forme de services, Service platform. British Telecommunications Public Company, GOWLING LAFLEUR HENDERSON, December 23, 1993: CA2138170 (1 worldwide citation)

A service platform for the provision of automated speech based services over a telephone network comprises a speech processor including associated memory, to provide at least one of speech recognition, speaker recognition, speaker verification, speech synthesis; line interface means for terminating ...

Bailey James E, Khosla Chaitan, Hughes Dallas E, Galazzo Jorge, Sander Fred C Jr, Rozzell J David, Demodena John: Enhancement of cell growth by expression of cloned oxygen-binding proteins. California Institute Of Technology, KENNEY Ernest J, December 23, 1993: WO/1993/025697 (1 worldwide citation)

Methods for the use of DNA encoding oxygen-binding proteins and related plasmids containing same are disclosed for a range of applications including oxygen supply to cells, growth enhancement, expression of various gene products, enhancement of oxygen-requiring processes, binding and separation of o ...

Kent Stephen Brian Henry, Milton Saskia Charlotte Florence, Milton Raymond Cecil Delisle: Compositions de d-enzyme et methodes dutilisation, D-enzyme compositions and methods of their use. The Scripps Research Institute, The Scripps Research Institute, MCKAY CAREY & COMPANY, December 23, 1993: CA2137378 (1 worldwide citation)

D-enzyme compositions are described comprising an amino acid residue sequence that defines a polypeptide able to catalyze an enzymatic reaction. The D-enzyme has an amino acid residue sequence consisting essentially of D-amino acids.

Lennon Catherine Michele: Animal grooming aids. Lennon Catherine Michele, Purebred Products, GRANT ADAMS Level 9 National Mutual Centre, December 23, 1993: WO/1993/025069 (1 worldwide citation)

Animal grooming aids (10, 30, 40, 50) in the form of brushes (30), combs (10), mitts (40) or vacuum cleaning head attachments (50), have a layer or coating of latex rubber (16, 42) which has a high coefficient of friction with the soft, fine undercoat (22) on dogs (20), and the fur on cats, to remov ...

Rowsell Farrell Dean: Methode favorisant la decomposition microbienne des hydrocarbures deverses accidentellement, Method for aiding microbial degradation of spilled oil. Rowsell Farrell Dean, Rowsell Farrell Dean, BORDEN LADNER GERVAIS, December 23, 1993: CA2136628 (1 worldwide citation)

Oil spills on natural bodies of water can be cleaned up through the use of flocc ulation/microorganism compositions comprised of amine-substituted clay flocculation agents and microorganisms selec ted from the group consisting of bacillus species, pseudomonas species, azobacter species and xanthomon ...

Milligan Norman O: Protecteur facial, Face guard. Milligan Norman O, RICHES MCKENZIE & HERBERT, December 23, 1993: CA2137357 (1 worldwide citation)

A protective face guard (20) for use in baseball and other sports and which comprises a mask piece (22), an impact cushioning forehead pad (50), an impact cushioning mouth pad (52), a strap (46) and a mouth guard (64). The mask piece includes a front protective portion (26) extending from a point ju ...

Hudson Brian Raymond: Grinding mill and lining medium therefor. Trellex, Hudson Brian Raymond, NOONAN Gregory, December 23, 1993: WO/1993/025310 (1 worldwide citation)

A grinding mill includes a rotatable drum (12) with an internal lining and a ball charge (16) for the interior of the drum. The lining comprises an impact absorbent substrate (14) and has an inwardly facing working surface (40). The lining further includes an array of wear-resistant bodies (42) of a ...

Smiedt Leslie: Adjustable fasteners for waist bands. Bacon Brian, DOWNEY William Gerrard, December 23, 1993: WO/1993/025103

The adjustable waist band fastener disclosed comprises two components, namely, a button (34) and a plate (46) which can be fixed to one end portion of a waist band. The plate (46) has a slot (50) running along it. The button (34) passes through the slot (50) and can be displaced along the slot. The ...

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