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A proximity sensor system includes a sensor matrix array having a characteristic capacitance between horizontal and vertical conductors connected to sensor pads. The capacitance changes as a function of the proximity of an object or objects to the sensor matrix. The change in capacitance of each nod ...

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A face mask for aircrew, to feed breathing gas to the wearer. An inflatable bladder 34 is located between a rigid shell 26 and a face piece 28 so that inflation of the bladder 34 forces the face piece 28 against the wearer's face. The bladder is inflatable through a passage 46 in the shell which con ...

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A data processing system receives a continuous stream of real time transactional data regarding market transactions of fixed income securities. The incoming data is qualified and then used to determine the term structure of interest rates based on price information. The system provides linear interp ...

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A presentation system includes a liquid crystal display (LCD) panel, an overhead projector (OHP) for projecting images produced on the LCD panel, and a retroreflecting polarizer interposed between the LCD panel and the light source of the OHP. The retroreflecting polarizer transmits the p-polarizati ...

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This invention relates to a process for modifying the surface characteristics of a preformed polymer substrate to impart altered properties thereto by graft polymerization on the substrate which includes: placing the polymer substrate in a plasma to form free radicals on the substrate; contacting th ...

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A probe station is equipped with an integrated guarding system which facilitates the use of the station for low-current measurements, as well as integrated Kelvin connections to eliminate voltage losses caused by line resistances. The station has a chuck assembly (20) which consists of at least thre ...

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A remote conferencing system includes a host computer and a plurality of local computers connected to the host computer by local area networks and/or wide area networks, for example. The host computer is adapted to generate a common image for display by the local computers, users of the local comput ...

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This invention relates to the problem of making efficient use of resources in broadband telecommunications networks when handling bursty data traffic. A new technique is provided to shape the data traffic profile in order to maximise the efficiency of the bandwidth reservation scheme whilst guarante ...

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There is provided a fungicidal composition comprising 2-anilino-4, 6-dimethylpyrimidine (pyrimethanil) and a fungicide from a different chemical class. The compositions have synergistic properties.

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A method is disclosed for producing large single crystals. In one embodiment, a single crystal of electronic grade diamond is produced having a thickness of approximately 100-1000 microns and an area of substantially greater than 1 cm.. and having a high crystalline perfection which can be used in e ...