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In a printhead for a thermal ink jet printer of the kind in which the nozzle orifices 10 the ink chambers 16 the heating elements and the interconnections are all on a single chip 11, each ink channel (16) of the ink jet print head is supplied with ink by flow throttles for a highest degree of effec ...

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The expandable rivet assembly for attaching metallic or synthetic plates and sutures to bones includes a rivet (2) and puller (4) where the puller is pulled to expand the rivet. A stop (14) is provided in the rivet (2) to set an upper limit to the expansion of the rivet (2) by the puller (4). This r ...


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The heat sink has a heat sink body (1) made of a good heat conductive material and a fan assembly (2) installed inside the heat sink body. The heat sink body is efficiently air-cooled by a cooling air generated by the rotation of the fan assembly. The cooling air forcibly cools a base and a fixing w ...

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Halichondrin derivatives, isolatable from a marine sponge of the Lissodendyx Sp., have cytotoxic preparations and are of the formula:- in which R and R together represent a group of the formula:

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A block of data is runlength coded into a symbol having a variable number of run bits. Initially, the number of run bits is set at the number of bits required to represent the length of the block. However, since the block is of finite size, the maximum potential runlength decreases each time a runle ...

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There are disclosed an ethylenic copolymer having a specific range for each of melt index (MI), density, a molecular weight distribution as defined by the weight-average molecular weight (Mw)/number-average molecular weight (Mn) ratio, width of dependence of number of branches on molecular weight, o ...

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Monoclonal antibodies recognizing gp130 protein and binding to the protein to inhibit IL-6 functions completely (that is to the same level as that is the absence of IL-6) when present in enough amount; a hybridoma producing the monoclonal antibody; a process for production of the monoclonal antibodi ...

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This invention relates to a hand pointing type input unit to input information into a computer, and aims to input into the computer by the action of a hand or finger without touching equipment. And, this invention relates to a wall computer module disposed on the wall of a building and aims to make ...

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A dicing-die bonding film comprising a substrate having formed on one side thereof a pressure-sensitive layer, a first adhesive layer, and a second adhesive layer comprising a thermosetting adhesive showing tackiness at a temperature 150 DEG C or less in this order, the pressure-sensitive layer and ...