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A biosensor including an interferant-eliminating catalyst and method for analyzing an analyte in a biological sample is disclosed.

Brian A Gregg, Adam Heller: Enzyme electrodes. E Heller and Company, Pravel Hewitt Kimball & Krieger, November 16, 1993: US05262035 (794 worldwide citation)

Enzyme electrodes having a surface coated with a film. The film is formed from materials in which a redox enzyme is covalently bonded to a three dimensional molecular structure. The molecular structure is of the class having multiple redox centers, for example, a crosslinked redox polymer.

David S Zamierowski: Fastening system and method. Litman McMahon & Brown, November 16, 1993: US05261893 (751 worldwide citation)

A fastening system includes a membrane assembly which can comprise a pair of body panels secured together at a seam. The membrane panels can comprise a semi-permeable material. A sheath assembly has a tubular configuration with proximate and distal ends and a sheath passage extending therebetween. T ...

Erik T Engelson: Detachable pusher-vasoocclusive coil assembly with interlocking ball and keyway coupling. Target Therapeutics, Morrison & Foerster, November 16, 1993: US05261916 (501 worldwide citation)

A pusher-vasoocclusive coil assembly that is advanced through a catheter to a site within a vessel and is manipulated to detach the coil from the assembly. The coil has an enlarged member at its proximal end and the pusher has a keyway at its distal end that receives the enlarged member in interlock ...

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An image sensor comprised of an array of photo elements (pixels) includes a device for randomly addressing individual pixels and a device for selectively varying the number of pixels which can be read out on any one reading cycle. The random addressing of pixels enables the readout of pixels located ...

Frederick L Janis: Method and system for providing user access control within a distributed data processing system by the exchange of access control profiles. International Business Machines Corporation, Andrew J Dillon, November 16, 1993: US05263157 (385 worldwide citation)

A method is disclosed for providing user access control for a plurality of resource objects within a distributed data processing system having a plurality of resource managers. A reference monitor service is established and a plurality of access control profiles are stored therein. Thereafter, selec ...

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An expert floorplan credit recommendation method and system, comprising a database and stored program for arriving at a credit recommendation by processing data on a computer by means of a decision matrix tree that emulates the thought processes of credit experts.

Earl I Mincer, David L Siegel: Audio/video file server including decompression/playback means. Instant Video Technologies, Earl I Mincer, November 16, 1993: US05262875 (351 worldwide citation)

An audio/video file server includes a storage unit for centrally storing compressed digital audio/video program information, a transceiver for receiving compressed digital audio/video program information from an external source over a less-than-real-time period to update the stored audio/video progr ...

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A method and system are disclosed for capturing and processing visually perceptible data, such as address or telephone numbers, within a broadcast video signal. Optically recognizable text, numbers, or visual barcodes representative of text or numbers are transmitted within various frames of broadca ...

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A financial transaction network employs a shareholder network serviced by a host processor. The financial network maintains (n) number of mutual fund portfolios operating in different currencies. The host processor acts a communications switch validating incoming transaction requests and routing the ...