Ellis Michael D, Dunn Stephen M, Fellinger Michael W, Younglove Fancy B, James David M, Clifton David L, Land Richard S: Methode et systeme de reconnaissance de segments demissions diffusees, Method and system for recognition of broadcast segments. The Arbitron Company, Arbitron, PERRY CURRIER, November 11, 1993: CA2134748 (10 worldwide citation)

Broadcast segment recognition systems (10) and methods are provided in which a signature representing a monitored broadcast segment is compared with broadcast segment signatures in a data base (412) representing known broadcast segments to determine whether a match exists. Criteria for determining t ...

Hall Terry: Systeme de determination du moment applique a un raccord filete reunissant les elements dune conduite de champ petrolifere, A system for measuring the torque applied to a threaded connection between sections of oilfield pipe. Hall Terry, Hall Terry, KIRBY EADES GALE BAKER, November 11, 1993: CA2134878 (3 worldwide citation)

A system for accurately determining the torque applied to threadable pipe members, the system applied in connection with a pair of threadable pipe members, such as oilfield tubular goods, to be threaded together, a torque wrench (24) having a first end secured to the end of one of the pipe members, ...


Webber Richard L: Systeme dimagerie radiographique auto-calibre, tomosynthetique, et methode et dispositif connexes, Self-calibrated, tomosynthetic, radiographic-imaging system, method and device. Wake Forest University, Wake Forest University, BORDEN LADNER GERVAIS, November 11, 1993: CA2134213 (2 worldwide citation)

A self-calibrating tomosynthetic x-ray system is provided. A calibrated device for recording radiographic images of a selected object irradiated by a source of radiation includes a first radiolucent radiographic recording medium (40) in the form of a CCD device for recording a first projected radiog ...

Boardman John D, Hamilton Scott M, Gangstead Mervin L, Sadler Jimmie L, Trimble Richard A, Welch Jeffrey P: Enregistreur a bande optique a grand debit, High data rate optical tape recorder. Raytheon Company, KIRBY EADES GALE BAKER, November 11, 1993: CA2134325 (2 worldwide citation)

The optical tape recorder of the present invention is capable of archiving data at rates in excess of 400 megabits per second by concurrently writing or reading a plurality of data tracks in each data trace. A read-write module (102) outputs an illumination beam (104) comprised of combined multiple ...






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