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A distributed computer system employs a license management system to account for software product usage. A management policy having a variety of alternative styles and contexts is provided. Each licensed product upon start-up makes a call to a license server to check on whether usage is permitted, a ...

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Specific text and/or graphic messages for individual subscribers or groups of subscribers are distributed on a communications network such as a cable television system. An addressable controller communicates with a plurality of subscriber terminals served by the network. Each subscriber terminal is ...

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A catheter sleeve assembly with a zipper-like locking structure is positioned on the outer cylindrical surface of an endoscope at a position outside the body while the endoscope is in viewing position inside the body. The zipper-like locking structure is split and the catheter-sleeve assembly is pos ...

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Disclosed are absorbent foam materials suitable for use as or in the absorbent cores of absorbent articles, such as diapers which absorb and retain aqueous body fluids. Such foam materials comprise hydrophilic, flexible open-celled structures which are preferably prepared by polymerizing high intern ...

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A programmable logic array integrated circuit has a number of programmable logic modules which are grouped together in a plurality of logic array blocks ("LABs"). The LABs are arranged on the circuit in a two dimensional array. A conductor network is provided for interconnecting any logic module wit ...

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A programmable logic array integrated circuit has a plurality of programmable logic elements grouped into a plurality of mutually exclusive groups. Each group includes signal conductors uniquely associated with that group for conveying signals between the programmable logic elements in that group. O ...

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According to a process for operating a slot machine that works as a roulette wheel, the gambler determines the amount of the stake by introducing coins then by pressing selection keys. A microprocessor determines the result of the game by means of random algorithm. When the chosen number is hit, the ...

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A method and apparatus for causing weight loss in obese humans by occupying a segment of the stomach volume using a variable volume bladder filled with fluid. The bladder is inserted into the upper part of the stomach including the fundus through a percutaneous endoscopic gastrostony tube, which was ...

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A network management system includes a user interface, a virtual network and a device communication manager. The virtual network includes models which represent network entities and model relations which represent relations between network entities. Each model includes network data relating to a cor ...

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A quantum dot laser includes a laser host material; a plurality of quantum dots disposed in the host material; and a pumping source for exciting and inducing a population inversion in the quantum dots.