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A prosthetic disk having ball and socket members made of a material having expected durability to function properly for 40 years in a typical lumbar spine. The disk is shaped to provide movement in 6 degrees of freedom mimicking normal intervertebral movement, except compression. The arthroplasty de ...

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An instrument for cauterizing blood vessels while performing an endoscopic procedure includes a rigid outer tube with a proximal end, a distal end and an inner, semi-rigid, tube passing through the outer tube from its proximal end to its distal end. The inner tube has at least one lumen allowing pas ...

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A suture anchor and anchor driver device for securely and accurately positioning and installing the suture anchor in place. The anchor has a rounded or pointed head and one or more ridges around it to help force fit the anchor into a hole and to hold it in place. A suture is positioned through the a ...

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An improved locking cap for mounting on the smooth flexible filament of a surgical fastener wherein the locking cap is of a thin flat washer-like shape with gripping elements for engaging the filament and locking the cap in position relative to the filament.

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A malleable, bioabsorbable polymeric staple includes a back span with two legs depending perpendicularly therefrom that are deformed along an arcuate path toward each other initially and then upwardly toward the back span such that end points on each leg extend through a gap formed between an unders ...

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A tissue aperture repair device which is inserted using either an openly or minimally invasive surgical procedure for at least partially covering a tissue aperture or hernial ring. The repair device includes a foldable sheet of material that is maintained with support means in an unfolded shape. The ...

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A vascular structure, including an artery, vein or vessel, with a peripheral wall defining a cavity and having a localized abnormal wall is treated by inserting a device of a hydrogel material into the cavity; and then hydrating and expanding the hydrogel material until the device occludes the local ...

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Disclosed are a family of synthetic proteins having binding affinity for a preselected antigen, and multifunctional proteins having such affinity. The proteins are characterized by one or more sequences of amino acids constituting a region which behaves as a biosynthetic antibody binding site (BABS) ...

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A device for use as a subcutaneous injection set is disclosed which has a soft cannula through which a selected medication can be administered to a patient, wherein the soft cannula is adapted for transcutaneous placement by an insertion needle substantially without crimping or kinking. The cannula ...

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Self-restrained stent for use in a lumen of a vessel of a patient having a body with the vessel therein, comprising a substantially cylindrical member formed of a plastic material having a built-in elastic predetermined diameter and having a memory provided therein of a diameter greater than the pre ...