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The present invention includes a system and method for minimizing interference between two radio stations, e.g., a mobile radio telephone and a fixed base station, at the initiation of a radio communication. A mobile station initiates a random access at the lowest power level and increases the trans ...

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A method and apparatus for creating, supporting and using a travelling program is disclosed. A "travelling program" is a digital data structure which includes a sequence of instructions and associated data and which has the capability of determining at least one next destination or recipient for rec ...

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A construction for automatically milking animals, such as cows, comprises a milking machine having a number of teat cups (6; 42, 43). The milking machine further includes a laser (58) or another type of detector for determining the position of the teat cups (42, 43) relative to the teats of an anima ...

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A vascular stent (8) includes a continuous wire which is formed into a substantially tubular body having a plurality of oblong, open cells which are staggered around the circumference of the tube. When the body is formed in its unexpanded state, the long sides of each oblong cell are arranged substa ...

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A therapy for improving the quality of sleep in a chronic renal failure patient is provided. To this end, the present invention provides for the use of branched-chain amino acids for the preparation of a composition for improving the quality of sleep. The branched-chain amino acid composition can be ...

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A therapeutic treatment device is disclosed and includes a housing (12) and an incoherent light source (14) such as a flashlamp disposed in the housing. The flashlamp provides a pulsed light output for treatment of external skin disorders. To provide light to the treatment area the housing has an op ...

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A class of compounds which suppress human T-lymphocyte proliferation is disclosed. The active compounds essentially contain at least the following structure:

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The present invention is concerned with biologically active, backbone-cyclized peptides,especially substance P analogs to processes for their preparation and to pharmaceutical compositions containing them. More particularly, the peptides of the invention are of general formulae (I) and (II): wherein ...

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A bulk memory (30) stores a data base (BDT) representing at least one substantial part of the terrestrial globe, according to a meshing with several levels, which is more precise especially in the vicinity of an airport. Status indications are received, representing the position of the aircraft, wit ...

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A method and system for heart rate variability analysis is provided. In a preferred embodiment, a computer system generates various statistical and spectral measurements of heart rate variability based on user-specified qualifications and displays the results. The computer system includes a statisti ...