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An apparatus for diagnostic and verification imaging in radiation therapy that consists of attachments for standard radiotherapy equipment comprising an x-ray tube and an x-ray detector placed on opposite sides of a patient along the main axis of the beam produced by the treatment unit. The detector ...

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A method and device for removing a first guide catheter and replacing the first guide catheter with a second guide catheter, without disturbing the placement of a flexible guide wire which has previously been inserted through the first guide catheter. The device of the invention comprises an "exchan ...

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An inbound telemetry device and method of operation thereof are provided in which the inbound telemetry device becomes activated should one or the other of two different events occur. The inbound telemetry device is located at a predetermined site and is coupled by a telephone line to a central host ...

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A tubular sheath capable of assuming a reduced diameter state for insertion into a body passage and of expanding once in place within the passage. The sheath is fabricated of a composite elastomeric material and axially stretched to assume the reduced diameter state. Selective axial stretching is ac ...

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A medical device for ligation or approximating tissue is disclosed. The device has a cannula with proximal and distal ends. The distal end of the cannula has a beveled surface, and the cannula has first and second channels, the first channel extending axially through it, and the second channel exten ...

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An apparatus for planarizing semiconductor wafers in its preferred form includes a rotatable platen for polishing a surface of the semiconductor wafer and a motor for rotating the platen. A non-circular pad is mounted atop the platen to engage and polish the surface of the semiconductor wafer. A pol ...

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An analytical device for fluid samples includes a fluid sample well means connected to a sample initiation area in such a fashion that the assay will not commence unless sufficient sample is introduced into the sample well means to conduct the assay. Once sufficient sample has been deposited into th ...

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Apparatus is disclosed for determining the resistivity of formations surrounding an earth borehole. An electrically conductive metal body, such as a drill collar on a drill string, is movable through the borehole. A transmitting toroidal coil antenna is disposed on the body and is energized to induc ...

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An interline transfer type area image sensor which operates in a non-interlaced mode and has an array of columns and rows of photoreceptor in which charge from each pixel is transferred into a stage of a vertical two-phase CCD shift register formed by adjacent electrodes of the CCD. Each electrode o ...

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A method of forming a thin silicon SOI layer by wafer bonding, the thin silicon SOI layer being substantially free of defects upon which semiconductor structures can be subsequently formed, is disclosed. The method comprises the steps of: