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A power-assisted wheelchair is disclosed that is particularly well suited for use by a person capable of exerting some hand/arm force in attempting to propel the wheelchair while seated therein, but incapable of exerting sufficient force, at least in some instances, to achieve satisfactory overall n ...

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A female incontinence control device includes a conduit having inlet and outlet openings for receiving, conducting and discharging urinary fluid. The device also includes structure for holding the conduit in position relative to the urethra such that the inlet opening is adapted to receive substanti ...

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A capacitor array circuit is disclosed herein. A main capacitor array includes at least a most significant array portion 12 and a least significant array portion 14. A coupling capacitor C.sub.C is formed between the two portions of the array. Typically, one plate of the coupling capacitor C.sub.C i ...

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An air freshener device (10) having a cartridge (14) and a cartridge housing (16) is disclosed. The housing (16) has a sealed first cavity (18) and a sealed second cavity (20) having a first fragrance (22) and a second fragrance (24), respectively. First and second cavities (18) and (20) have first ...

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A microaccelerometer is provided for use in on-board automotive safety control and navigational systems. The microaccelerometer includes a central support body which is supported upon a backing chip, a peripheral proof mass which circumscribes the central support body, and at least one pair of micro ...

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When a guidance function is actuated in a guidance method in a computer system, icons displayed on a screen are picked up to form their list. When a user designates an icon requiring the guidance, the guidance scenario corresponding to the designated icon is picked up, and icons required to execute ...

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A medical patient's compliance with a prescribed regimen of treatment is monitored through elapsed time of equipment operation. A treatment device used by the patient applies a stimulation signal to the patient through an electrode and counts a first clock signal which produces a first count indicat ...

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Gel and gel forming materials are removed from methylaluminoxane by mixing an aromatic hydrocarbon solvent solution of the methylaluminoxane with an aliphatic hydrocarbon solvent and then separating the precipitated solids from the methylaluminoxane solution.

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A toner image that combines pictorial information with text or graphic information is made glossy only in the pictorial portion. A clear gloss enhancing toner is selectively applied to the portion of the image that is pictorial as determined by a suitable manual input or electronic analysis of the i ...

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The present invention relates to an antenna apparatus emitting or receiving high frequency waves and comprising four parasitic vertical rod elements disposed symmetrically to a central vertical rod element and switching elements controlled by a control circuit so that the parasitic rod elements are ...