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Make-up of a pipe section and coupling to form a tubular joint having proper stand-off at proper make-up torque is automatically controlled. The coupling is first rotated onto the pipe section to a hand-tight position and the length of the coupling and the distance from the open end of the coupling ...

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A soil contacting implement and depth gauging wheel at a predetermined vertical distance from the implement are provided for attachment to a tractor. Upward or downward movement of the wheel on the soil causes a deviation from the predetermined vertical displacement thereby triggering an adjustment ...

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A method is disclosed for accelerating the stretching of skin and the closing of open skin wounds which includes the steps of attaching a plurality of anchors, which have fasteners attached to one side of the anchors, to the surface of the skin adjacent to the wound with an adhesive whereby the anch ...

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A method of suturing using a suture made from materials which, upon application of energy, contract or expand after implantation in tissues and/or prosthetic materials same.

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A method for removing a gall bladder comprises the steps of (a) providing a surgical instrument including a flexible loop and a flexible web member connected to said loop to form a capture pocket, the loop defining a mouth opening of the pocket, (b) closing the cystic duct, (c) severing the cystic d ...

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An improved surgical clip of the type having first and second leg members joined at their proximal ends by a resilient hinge region and terminating at their distal ends in latch means. Each leg member has an outer surface and a clamping inner surface, and the outer surface of each leg member is conf ...

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A unitary disposable absorbent article such as a catamenial pad or incontinent pad is provided with an elasticized side flap by operatively associating an elastic member on both the upper surface and the lower surface of the side flap. The elastic member is preferably joined to the inner surface of ...

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A system is provided for performing simultaneous bilateral measurements on a subject in motion at a test location. The system employs a plurality of observed targets attached to the moving subject, the targets being viewed simultaneously by each of two cameras disposed on opposite sides of the subje ...

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A photolithographic method for structure generation in bilayer processes is provided. Pursuant to the method, a dimensional reserve is produced in a top resist structure by chemical treatment with a bulging agent. The expansion preferably is performed by treatment with an aqueous solution. The expan ...

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A double-layered flat electrical signal assembly comprising a shielded insulated flat cable on each side of a perforated separator material which may be conductive metal or non-metal. Controlled impedance signal transmission through high density insulation displacement connectors to PCB's.