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A self contained gas powered endoscopic surgical apparatus 50 is provided for placing lateral lines of surgical fasteners into body tissue. The apparatus includes an anvil member 56 and a surgical fastener cartridge member 58 mounted to the distal end of an elongated endoscopic portion 54. A tubular ...

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Benzene derivatives having optionally substituted amino or morpholino in the 1 and 4 position, optionally alkyl in the 2, 3 and 6 position and optionally alkyl or nitro in the 5 position or wherein the 1 and 6 substituents together form a heterocyclic ring, can be used as a charge transfer mediator ...

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A plasma reactor chamber (16) uses an antenna (30) driven by RF energy (LF, MF, or VHF) which is inductively coupled inside the reactor dome (17). The antenna (30) generates a high density, low energy plasma inside the chamber (16) for etching oxygen-containing layers overlying non-oxygen-containing ...

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The invention relates to compounds of the formula I in which R is H, alkyl, acyl, aryl or a phosphate residue; R is H, OH, alkoxy, NH2 or halogen; B is a base customary in nucleotide chemistry; a is O or CH2; n is an integer from 1 to 100; W is O, S or Se; V is O, S or NH; Y is O, S, NH or CH2; Y' i ...

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A tibial element for a replacement knee prosthesis comprising a tibial tray (1) provided with one or more bearing components (30), and a stem which can be attached to said tray by a tapered spigot and socket (55) construction characterised in that the lower portion of said tray has a shaped engageme ...

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Echogenic medical devices and methods of fabrication and of use are disclosed. The devices are adapted to be inserted into a patient. The device includes an elongated member (1502) including a material (1503) having an acoustic impedance different from that of the surrounding medium. The medium incl ...

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The invention relates to a method of producing a chimaeric antibody in which the CDR of a first antibody is spliced between the framework regions of a second antibody. The method is performed using a template comprising two framework regions, AB and CD, and between them, the CDR which is to be repla ...

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A method of etching an oxide over a nitride with high selectivity comprising plasma etching the oxide with a carbon and fluorine-containing etchant gas in the presence of a scavenger for fluorine, thereby forming a carbon-rich polymer which passivates the nitride. This polymer is inert to the plasma ...

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A computer system is provided which allows adapters 2 to be inserted or removed while keeping the system operational, and which can automatically reconfigure the system according to insertion or removal of the adapters 2. When an adapter 2 is inserted, an adapter detection mechanism 11 informs a res ...

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Methods for determining and isolating ligands resulting from compounds which produce binding with nucleosolic proteins are described.