Hooven Michael Dawson: Endoscopic surgical system with sensing means.. Ethicon, July 21, 1993: EP0552050-A2 (674 worldwide citation)

An endoscopic surgical system which includes an instrument for carrying out a step i the procedure. The instrument is power operated and the system includes sensing means to control the operation of the instrument.

Takeuchi Tetsuya, Akasaki Isamu, Watanabe Atsushi C O Corp R D, Manabe Katsuhide Toyoda Gosei, Amano Hiroshi Nijigaokahigashi: Gallium nitride base semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same.. Amano Hiroshi, Akasaki Isamu, Pioneer Electronic, Toyoda Gosei, July 21, 1993: EP0551721-A2 (64 worldwide citation)

A gallium nitride type semiconductor device comprises a silicon substrate, an intermediate layer consisting of a compound containing at least aluminum and nitrogen and formed on the silicon substrate, and a crystal layer of (Ga1-xAlx)1-yInyN (0C and is held in an atmosphere of a metaloganic compound ...

Nishida Masato, Oshima Toshio, Ohiwa Tsunemi, Karashima Takato: Infrared-absorbing mark printed matter.. Hitachi Maxell, July 21, 1993: EP0552047-A1 (63 worldwide citation)

Infrared-absorbing mark printed matter has an infrared-absorbing mark formed on a substrate by printing with an ink having high light absorptivity in the infrared region; the infrared-absorbing mark is covered up by smearing with an ink having high light absorptivity in the visible region and pervio ...

Yano Kentaro, Otsuka Naoji, Nagoshi Shigeyasu, Arai Atsushi, Takahashi Kiichiro, Iwasaki Osamu: Method of controlling an ink-jet recording apparatus according to recording head information, and ink-jet recording apparatus in which the method is implemented.. Canon, July 21, 1993: EP0551752-A2 (59 worldwide citation)

An ink-jet recording apparatus, having a printer that performs recording by jetting ink from a recording head according to recording data, comprises a plurality of signal lines that supply the recording data to the printer and are connected to a host for controlling the printer, and an information t ...

Brunson David A, Lynn Stephen R: Footed hot-fill container.. Constar Plastics, July 21, 1993: EP0551788-A1 (56 worldwide citation)

A blow-molded container (10) of thermoplastic resin has a hollow body with a generally cylindrical side wall (24) portion rotationally symmetric about a longitudinal axis of the container (10). A shoulder portion (22) integrally joins the side wall portion (24) to a finish (16). An integral base (26 ...

Jonsson Torn Ruben: Blind spot viewing device for a rearview-mirror.. Jonsson Torn Ruben, July 21, 1993: EP0551802-A1 (56 worldwide citation)

In order to improve the viewing field in the blind spot of a car driver using a rear view mirror (1), a convex mirror surface shaped like a spherical cap (5) with a central planar surface (8) is mounted on the planar or slightly convex mirror glass surface (2) of the rear view mirror, preferably nea ...

Debrus Marie Helene, Gaultier Philippe, Vouillon Patrick: Cursor multimode control device for a display tube unit.. Sextant Avionique, July 21, 1993: EP0551778-A1 (52 worldwide citation)

The control device according to the invention involves a control source consisting of a touch tablet (8) comprising a touch surface (1) and means (11, 12) making it possible to detect a force (f) on the said surface (1). It further comprises selection means making it possible to change from the rela ...

Jongboom Remigius Oene Jules, Tournois Huibert, Kraak Andries: A method of preparing destructurized starch.. Avebe Coop Verkoop Prod, July 21, 1993: EP0551954-A2 (49 worldwide citation)

According to the invention destructurized starch is prepared by subjecting a suspension of ungelatinized starch granules, including granules of modified starch, in an aqueous solution of a water-soluble polymer to mechanical forces at an elevated temperature and drying the resulting dissolved starch ...

Johnson Robert K, Olson Brennan J, Arney Michael D, Curley Jack J Jr: Skate with detachable shoe.. Rollerblade, July 21, 1993: EP0551704-A2 (45 worldwide citation)

A skating vehicle (10) has a frame (16) with a blade (18) or rollers (20) mounted thereon and a boot (28) for mounting a detachable shoe (14) in a locked position thereon. The boot includes a rigid wall (19) which encircles the sole (15) of the shoe cradled within, and a rearward projection (64) in ...

Suzuki Yoshiaki: Goggle type image display apparatus.. Sony, July 21, 1993: EP0551781-A1 (44 worldwide citation)

The apparatus includes left and right image display optical blocks (2, 3), an optical block distance ajdusting mechanism (34) for adjusting the distance between the left and right optical blocks, and a housing for containing the left and right optical blocks and the optical block distance adjusting ...