Henry Von Kohorn: Method for measuring the effectiveness of stimuli on decisions of shoppers. Perman & Green, July 13, 1993: US05227874 (833 worldwide citation)

Methods for the evaluation of stimuli such as broadcast commercials intended to promote purchases by shoppers are disclosed. The methods quantify the effectiveness of controlled variables of stimuli and of inducements associated therewith. The immediate impact and degree of erosion of the impact of ...

Michael T Morman: Process for forming a composite elastic necked-bonded material. Kimberly Clark Corporation, Karl V Sidor, July 13, 1993: US05226992 (575 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a composite elastic necked-bonded material including at least one necked material joined to at least one elastic sheet. The composite elastic necked-bonded material is stretchable in a direction generally parallel to the direction of constriction or necking of the neck ...

Lubomyr I Kuzmak: Laparoscopic gastric band and method. Inamed Development Co, Michael G Petit, July 13, 1993: US05226429 (427 worldwide citation)

A gastric band adapted for laparoscopic placement around the stomach and a method for deploying the band is described. The band is useful for creating a small pouch with a reinforced stoma in the stomach for the treatment of obesity. A first cannula is introduced into the abdominal cavity. Following ...

Arnold I Caplan, Stephen E Haynesworth: Method for treating connective tissue disorders. Fay Sharpe Beall Fagan Minnich & McKee, July 13, 1993: US05226914 (416 worldwide citation)

The present invention is directed to various processes and devices for utilizing isolated and culturally expanded marrow-derived mesenchymal cells (i.e. mesenchymal stem cells) for treating skeletal and other connective tissue disorders.

U Hiram Chee, Mike Mariant: Vasoocclusion coil with attached fibrous element(s). Target Therapeutics, Morrison & Foerster, July 13, 1993: US05226911 (401 worldwide citation)

A device for occluding a blood vessel comprising a helical metal coil having at least one fibrous element attached to its proximal end wherein the fibrous element(s) extends in a sinusoidal wave configuration, the loops of which extend about individual windings at spaced intervals along the axis of ...

Atul Puri, Rangarajan Aravind: Adaptive coding and decoding of frames and fields of video. AT&T Bell Laboratories, E S Indyk, July 13, 1993: US05227878 (361 worldwide citation)

Improved compression of digital signals relating to high resolution video images is accomplished by an adaptive and selective coding of digital signals relating to frames and fields of the video images. Digital video input signals are analyzed and a coding type signal is produced in response to this ...

Leonard Pinchuk: Method of making a radially expandable prosthesis. Corvita Corporation, Lockwood Alex FitzGibbon & Cummings, July 13, 1993: US05226913 (350 worldwide citation)

Radially expandable endoprostheses or stents are provided, as well as their method of manufacture. These stents include a plurality of adjacent generally circumferential sections that are substantially axially positioned with respect to each other. At least one of the generally circumferential secti ...

Daniel F DeMenthon: Computer vision system for position monitoring in three dimensions using non-coplanar light sources attached to a monitored object. University of Maryland, Christopher N Sears, July 13, 1993: US05227985 (339 worldwide citation)

A sensing system for monitoring the position and orientation of a rigid object (20). At least 4 point light sources (24) are mounted on the surface of the object (20) in a noncoplanar arrangement. A single electronic camera (26) captures images (59) of the point light sources (24). Locations of the ...

Arvin D Danielson, Dennis A Durbin: Core computer processor module, and peripheral shell module assembled to form a pocket size data capture unit. Norand Corporation, McAndrews Held & Malloy, July 13, 1993: US05227614 (328 worldwide citation)

A hand-held processing system wherein a peripheral module may receive therein a computer processor basic module of standardized construction, with a user-immune real-time multi-tasking operating system. Advantageously the peripheral module or computer processor module may include a touch screen or o ...

Dale C Harris: Multiple dose injection pen. Eli Lilly and Company, Douglas J Taylor, Leroy Whitaker, July 13, 1993: US05226895 (325 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a hypodermic syringe having the same general appearance as a pen which is specifically adapted to provide for multiple measured injections of materials such as insulin or human growth hormone.