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A optical storage disc for use in an optical storage system includes a storage layer which is capable of being disrupted when a laser beam of sufficient intensity is focused thereon. The optical storage disc has a transparent substrate layer on one side of the storage layer and a lacquer layer on th ...

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The present invention discloses both a method of operating CPAP apparatus, and the apparatus itself in which a breathable gas delivery device, or mask (1), is connected to a gas supply pump (14) via a conduit which includes a restriction to gas flow such as a small bore portion (3). A pressure trans ...

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Radiofrequency frequency multiplier comprising an automatic level control circuit consisting of a microwave MESFET (TI) used as an oscillator signal distorter amplifier followed by a band-pass filter (FPB) tuned to the desired harmonic. The power of the harmonic is stabilized by means of a control c ...

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A computer system for dynamically configuring device drivers of removable system resources. The computer system comprises a processor 101, a system memory 103, 102 and an interface 108 for receiving removable system resources such as feature cards. Each feature card includes a card memory area compr ...

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A security device comprises first and second diffractive structures contained within a surface relief structure. The structures are such that the device responds to illumination (2) at a first, visible wavelength to generate a first, visible pattern while any pattern generated by the second structur ...

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A graphics buffer (22) for storing information describing pixels that represent an image. The graphics buffer includes Surface Buffer Modules (32) that include a first memory (46) for storing pixel surface information, such as color, for a plurality of pixels. The Surface Buffer Modules, each furthe ...

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A stabilized solid controlled release dosage form having a coating derived from an aqueous dispersion of ethylcellulose is obtained by overcoating a substrate including a therapeutically active with an aqueous dispersion of ethylcellulose and then curing the coated substrate at a temperature and rel ...

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Bleach catalysts comprising a complex of formula (I) [L Mn Xp ] Yq (I) wherein Mn is manganese in the II, III or IV oxidation state, X represents a coordinating or bridging species; p is an integer from 1 to 3; Y is a counter-ion the type of which is dependent upon the charge z of the complex which ...

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A cleaning composition a surface active material and a macrocyclic organic ligand. The composition can, optionally, comprise a source of iron and/or manganese ions and when it also includes a peroxy compound is an effective bleaching composition.