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The reorganization method of DB2 data files explores parallel processing, and asynchronous I/O to a great extent. It includes means to estimate an optimum configuration of system resources, such as storage devices (DASD devices), memory, and CPUs, etc, during reorganizations. The method mainly consi ...

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The apparatus of the present invention is especially effective in dislodging plaque from the teeth through the application of a mixture of a liquid oral antiseptic with water under pressure. In a preferred embodiment to be described, the apparatus is connected for use between the showerhead and the ...

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A vibratory screen for a vibratory screening machine consisting of a plate having a plurality of spaced openings therein, a coarse screen located in contiguous relationship to the plate, a fine screen on top of the coarse screen, a finer screen on top of the fine screen, and a topmost screen which i ...

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A wood type golf club formed of a shaft and head assembly, the head assembly including a hollow main body portion and an insert coupled thereto along the majority of its periphery by a dovetail to preclude lateral and downward movement of the insert with respect to the main body portion, the main bo ...

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The DNA sequencing apparatus contains the following components. A first reaction vessel contains a reaction chamber into and out of which can be transferred reagents, reactants and reaction products. A device for separating individual oligonucleotides and polynucleotides on the basis of length, such ...

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The present invention is predicated upon the discovery by applicants that by growing germanium-silicon alloy at high temperatures in excess of about 850.degree. C. and increasing the germanium content at a gradient of less than about 25% per micrometer, one can grow on silicon large area heterostruc ...

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A servo system for controlling locomotion of a biped walking robot, made up of a body link and two leg linkages each connected to the body link by a first drive joint and each including knee and ankle joints, to follow up a target angle for each drive joint predetermined in series with respect to ti ...

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An earphone has a case housing an electroacoustic transducer, the case being adapted to be put in the concha of the auricle of an ear. The case is of an elliptical shape so that it can snugly fit in the concha without under pressure imposed on the ear.

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A method of saving a search criteria and search results of a document search in a document interchange system having a plurality of shared libraries. The search criteria is stored in a Search Criteria Document appropriately encoded for the document interchange management system. The search results a ...

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In a papermaking process a paper product is formed from a mineral filler containing cellulosic slurry. Retention performance is provided by the sequential addition of a cationic charge-biasing species, an anionic flocculant, and then a certain microparticle. A shear stage is interposed between the f ...