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A practical system and method for the remote distribution of financial services (e.g., home banking and bill-paying) involves distributing portable terminals to a user base. The terminals include a multi-line display, keys "pointer to" lines on the display, and additional keys. Contact is establishe ...

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A multi-user collaborative system in which the contents as well as the current status of other user activity of a shared structured data object representing one or more related structured data objects in the form of data entries can be concurrently accessed by different users respectively at differe ...

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A local area print server for connection to a printer to form a printing system for servicing printing requests is disclosed. The local area print server both controls the servicing of printing requests by the printer, and in response to printer requests for resources needed to satisfy a printing re ...

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An interactive multimedia system with distributed processing and storage of video picture information and associated data and sound in nodes disposed throughout a cable television distribution system. The nodes are coupled to the feeder cable of the cable distribution system. Each node in the system ...

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A pneumatic stapler which contains a mechanism for manual or automatic retaining pin placement. The automatic retaining pin is connected to a set of linkage plates actuable by a series of inflation of bladders in order to create instrument closure on tissue compression and simultaneously create pin ...

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A balloon device for implanting an aorta or aortodiiliac intraluminal prosthesis for repairing aneurysms utilizes a catheter having two inflatable balloons for expanding two stents associated with the prosthesis.

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An elongate length of suture is passed through holes in a first small plate (pledget) and holes in a second small plate (pledget), the suture being then tied to retain the two small plates relative to each other and to retain in use tissue between the two small plates (pledgets).

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Surgical needles are fabricated from a shape memory alloy. The alloy has a low temperature state, in which the needle is formable into an elongated shape to pass through an elongated tube, and a high temperature state, in which the needle forms an arc. The needle is particularly adapted for use in e ...

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An actuator having electronically controllable tactile responsiveness which is flexibly programmable to facilitate provision in a single actuator of torque-position characteristics, such as a selectable number of detents per actuation through its full operative path. A rotary actuator facilitates pr ...

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A process of patterning a conductive layer on a substrate avoiding webbing yet permitting high density patterning places two layers between the resist and the metal. The first layer is an antireflective coating such as titanium nitride applied to the metal. The second layer is a barrier comprising s ...