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A novel process for paving or stabilizing sealing the interior surface of a body vessel or organ by entering the interior of the vessel or organ and applying a polymer to the interior surface of the vessel or organ.

Earnest J Conway, James L Deckert, F Russell Richards: Electronic billboard and vehicle traffic control communication system. Pulse Com Corporation, Davis & Schroeder, May 25, 1993: US05214793 (241 worldwide citation)

A communication system uses simple microwave transmitters disposed along roadways and in-vehicle mounted receivers to transmit encoded signals to produce location-specific commercial, traffic regulatory, emergency and other information to operators of motor vehicles. An optional remote interface lin ...

Peter L Davis: Tip for a tissue phacoemulsification device. William L Klima, May 25, 1993: US05213569 (236 worldwide citation)

Phacoemulsification needles having distal ends with focusing surfaces for concentrating ultrasonic generated acoustic waves. The focusing surfaces can be beveled and/or provided with continuous curved or faceted surfaces.

Will Bauer: Three-dimensional displacement of a body with computer interface. Jane Parsons, May 25, 1993: US05214615 (223 worldwide citation)

A system is provided for tracking the three-dimensional position of an object within a three-dimensional region by triangulation techniques to generate signals corresponding to such three-dimensional positions. The signals may be used to operate a variably operable system to create a virtual reality ...

Roy L Henneberger, Jeffrey L Korkowski: Fiber optic connector retainer. ADC Telecommunications, Merchant Gould Smith Edell Welter & Schmidt, May 25, 1993: US05214735 (222 worldwide citation)

A retainer assembly is disclosed for a connector. The assembly includes a frame having a forward wall and a retainer to be received within an access opening in the forward wall. The retainer includes first and second fasteners. Each of the fasteners has forward and rear retaining surfaces spaced apa ...

Kazumi Kitaue: Game apparatus. Konami, Welsh & Katz, May 25, 1993: US05213327 (217 worldwide citation)

Game apparatus for use with a hand-holdable video game device of the type having a video display screen, at least one depressible control button, and at least one multi-position operating control operative to "play" the video game. The game apparatus includes a housing adapted for support on a gener ...

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An improved abrasive grain comprising the sintered product of a porous non-sintered particle having a coating of inorganic material thereon is provided. A preferred method of making such abrasive grains comprises coating the porous base particles with inorganic particles. The preferred step of coati ...

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A liposome composition for localizing an anti-tumor compound to a solid tumor via the bloodstream. The liposomes, which contain the agent in entrapped form, are composed of vesicle-forming lipids and between 1-20 mole percent of a vesicle-forming lipid derivatized with hydrophilic biocompatible poly ...

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A distance detecting apparatus enables the driver of a vehicle to readily and concurrently recognize the location and direction of each of a plurality of objects present in the driver's field of view, in daylight or darkness, and at the same time determine whether each of the objects is an obstacle ...

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Multi-memory electronic identification tags are utilized in short-range cooperative electronic identification systems for the identification of a variety of objects. Such systems are comprised of readers and tags wherein a reader in the proximity of a tag may communicate with the tag in accordance w ...