Robert Sherman: System for communication using a broadcast audio signal. Lyon & Lyon, May 25, 1993: US05213337 (352 worldwide citation)

This invention involves a system of communicating information using audio signals. In one embodiment, the information is encoded in touch tones on the sound track of a television game show. The information relates to the action of the show, and is broadcast in-band with the audio portion of the show ...

Thad Mauney, Aglaia C F Kong, Douglas B Richardson: Interactive automated mapping system. GeoResearch, Dorsey & Whitney, May 25, 1993: US05214757 (327 worldwide citation)

An automated, fully transportable mapping system utilizes position information gathered from a Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) capture program to create new maps or annotate existing maps contained in a Geographic Information System (GIS) database in real time. In addition, the present invention ...

Christopher L Abiuso, James E Leone: Therapeutic porous balloon catheter. Cordis Corporation, Gerstman & Ellis, May 25, 1993: US05213576 (327 worldwide citation)

A balloon catheter comprises a catheter shaft, and first and second balloons carried on the catheter shaft with the second balloon positioned to at least partly overlie and sealingly enclose the first balloon. A lumen is defined by the catheter shaft to communicate between a space located within the ...

Tom D Bennett, Russell L Lundstrom Jr, Paul M Stein: Post-extrasystolic potentiation stimulation with physiologic sensor feedback. Medtronic, Dwight N Holmbo, Harold R Patton, May 25, 1993: US05213098 (320 worldwide citation)

A post-extrasystolic potentiation (PESP) cardiac pacing energy stimulator for applying paired and/or triggered pacing stimulation pulses to the right atrium and/or ventricle incorporating one or more sensors, such as a venous oxygen saturation, ventricular, atrial, or arterial blood pressure, or int ...

Addison M Fischer: Public key/signature cryptosystem with enhanced digital signature certification. Nixon & Vanderhye, May 25, 1993: US05214702 (301 worldwide citation)

A public key cryptographic system is disclosed with enhanced digital signature certification which authenticates the identity of the public key holder. A hierarchy of nested certifications and signatures are employed which indicate the authority and responsibility levels of the individual whose sign ...

David L George: Radio channel allocation based on location of mobile users. Uniden America Corporation, Richards Medlock & Andrews, May 25, 1993: US05214789 (293 worldwide citation)

A broadcast two-way radio communication system has a plurality of transmit/receive stations which function as repeaters. Each of the stations has a corresponding geographically defined operation zone. A mobile radio transmits a request for use of a communication channel. Along with this request, the ...

E Earle Thompson, Thomas W DeMond: Spatial light modulator projection system with random polarity light. Texas Instruments Incorporated, Julie L Reed, James C Kesterson, Richard L Donaldson, May 25, 1993: US05214420 (287 worldwide citation)

A visual display system having a spatial light modulator with individually controllable elements. Each element capable of producing an individual light beam directed toward a display surface. A source of random polarity light is utilized to direct light onto the modulator.

Masanori Nishiguchi, Atsushi Miki: Substrate for packaging a semiconductor device. Sumitomo Electric, Cushman Darby & Cushman, May 25, 1993: US05214308 (285 worldwide citation)

A substrate for packaging a semiconductor device having a bump thereon according to the present invention is characterized by that the substrate has an electrode terminal to which the bump is to be connected, and a recess for receiving at least a top of the bump is formed in the electrode terminal.

Thomas W DeMond, E Earle Thompson: Planarized true three dimensional display. Texas Instruments Incorporated, Julie L Reed, James C Kesterson, Richard L Donaldson, May 25, 1993: US05214419 (250 worldwide citation)

A digitized display system providing a three dimensional image utilizing a display including a multi-frequency sensitive material and a spatial light modulator with individual controllable elements. The spatial light modulator can be a deformable mirror device.

Alexander L Weis, Ashis K Saha, Frederick H Hausheer: Process of linking nucleosides with a siloxane bridge. Sterling Winthrop, Irving Newman, May 25, 1993: US05214134 (250 worldwide citation)

A method of linking nucleosides with a siloxane bridge comprising reacting a 3'-silylated-5'-protected nucleoside with an unprotected nucleoside is disclosed. The silylated and unprotected nucleosides may be either monomeric nucleosides or the terminal nucleosides of an oligonucleotide or oligonucle ...