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In a distributed computer environment such as a PC local area network, a backup tape device and a tape server are used for recording data from the nodes in the network for backup purposes and for controlling the flow of data. The tape server keeps track of a list of nodes which are collecting data f ...

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A tracking system in which radiofrequency signals emitted by an invasive device such as a catheter are detected and used to measure the position and orientation of the invasive device within a subject. Detection of the radiofrequency signals is accomplished with coils having sensitivity profiles whi ...

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An applicator for applying a strap around a vein at the site of a defective venous valve includes a handle portion and a removable cartridge. One end of the strap is anchored on the anvil of the cartridge and the free end is looped around the vein and passed through an opening in the cartridge to ov ...

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There is disclosed a multiprocessor system arranged, in one embodiment, as an image and graphics processor. The processor is structured with several individual processors all having communication links to several memories without restriction. A crossbar switch serves to establish the processor memor ...

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A surgical instrument having a body with a rear proximal end and a forward distal end and a grip assembly attached to the body for facilitating holding and manipulation of the surgical instrument by the hand of a user. The grip assembly has front and rear handles that are movable relative to each ot ...

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A blood vessel wall-defining device and method for using the device for repairing an aneurysm. The device comprises in combination, a percutaneously-insertable structural frame extending between first and second ends having an unexpanded diameter which is smaller than the diameter of the blood vesse ...

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A membrane keyboard producing audible and tactile responses when individual character keys are depressed. To facilitate typing efficiency, the keyboard has membrane characters keys with different transverse heights and adjustable sensory responses.

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An interference screw and a cannulated sheath for fixating ligaments. A graft, attached between previously cut bone blocks, is placed under tension in a graft tunnel. The sheath has a cutout at one end such that during screw insertion, the graft is covered by the sheath and protected from the thread ...

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A device for steering light and its method of manufacture are disclosed. The device in the preferred embodiment consists of a multi-layer structure on a substrate. The substrate contains at least one electrode (36) for addressing a deflectable element (16) causing it to deflect towards the activated ...

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An apparatus and method for processing video data for compression/decompression in real-time. The apparatus comprises a plurality of compute modules, in a preferred embodiment, for a total of four compute modules coupled in parallel. Each of the compute modules has a processor, dual port memory, scr ...