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A retractor for use in arthroscopic surgery. The retractor has a mechanical expanding portion for expanding against sub-surface tissues when the retractor is in use. The retractor also has a fluid-operated expanding portion, which may be independently controllable, for expanding against sub-surface ...

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An electrosurgical instrument having a protective, extendable and retractable sheath or sleeve is disclosed. The sheath is disposed around and coaligned with an elongated cylindrical rod, from which extends at least one electrode. A conductor extending from the electrode is joined to a conventional ...

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An intestinal steerable endoscopic stapler for stapling tubular tissue is provided comprising a circular anvil member having a circular anvil stapling surface and a cutting block surface radially inwardly of the stapling surface. A head assembly has a circular staple driver for driving staples in an ...

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A tissue supporting device, preferably a stent-like member of shape-memory alloy, that is expandable by angioplasty apparatus or the like is subsequently removable by heat recovery to its original, non-expanded configuration.

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An electrosurgical instrument for the removal of tissue polyps and the like is disclosed. It features a bipolar pair of conductive electrodes for the cutting of tissue in which at least one electrode is moveable in relation to the other. These electrodes are mounted relative to an insulating plug, w ...

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Ionic catalyst compositions can be prepared by combining two components. The first component is a bis(cyclopentadienyl) Group IV-B metal complex containing at least one ligand which will combine irreversibly with the second component or at least a portion thereof such as a cation portion thereof. Th ...

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An improved circular anastomosis surgical stapling instrument for joining hollow tubular organs, has a body having a staple-carrying assembly at its distal end, a centered longitudinally extensible and retractable main shaft centered in the body, and an anvil opposed to the staple-carrying assembly, ...

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A collagen impregnated vascular graft including drug materials complexed with the collagen to be released slowly from the graft following implant. The graft is a porous synthetic vascular graft substrate having collagen fixed to the graft substrate and cross-linking the collagen in situ to render th ...

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The present invention is directed to a method and device for enhancing the implantation and differentiation of marrow-derived mesenchymal cells (i.e. mesenchymal stem cells). The method and device of the invention are an effective means for treating skeletal and other connective tissue disorders.

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Trocar assembly devices are disclosed that include an improved seal assembly that accommodates instruments having a wide range of diameters. The seal assembly includes a universal seal member that is generally of hourglass shape defining converging and diverging side walls that form a constricted ce ...