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A plurality of expandable and deformable intraluminal vascular grafts are expanded within a blood vessel by an angioplasty balloon associated with a catheter to dilate and expand the lumen of a blood vessel. The grafts may be thin-walled tubular members having a plurality of slots disposed substanti ...

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A steering mechanism including a steering shaft coupled to a controller which includes a handle and apparatus for manipulating the distal end of the steering shaft. The steering shaft includes a flexible coiled spring having a lead spring fixed in position with respect to a distal end thereof in the ...

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The present invention provides a disposable electrosurgical device which is useful in performing laparoscopic surgical procedures. This electrosurgical device has suction and irrigation capabilities in which the application of electrosurgical current, the application of suction, and the transmission ...

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A discectomy apparatus comprises an elongated sleeve member having receiving means therein for an endoscope, receiving means for securing and suction and irrigation channel means, all secured and extending along the interior length of the sleeve. The apparatus is especially suitable for performing a ...

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A device and method for dilation or recanalization of a diseased vessel by use of a balloon catheter with cutting edges to make longitudinal cuts in the vessel wall is described. The diameter of the vessel increased without the subsequent secondary cellular proliferation or restenosis in the vessel ...

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A medical balloon and a catheter utilizing the balloon and a mechanism to attach the medical balloon to the catheter tube, and method of making the balloon. The attachement mechanism forms a joint and comprises a plurality of co-extruded and coextensive layers of different polymeric materials, at le ...

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A database retrieval system having a natural language interface is provided. A database developer creates a knowledge base containing a structural description and semantic description of an application database from which data is to be retrieved. A database independent, canonical internal meaning re ...

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A non-sticking set of bipolar forceps manufactured by forming the first and second blade portions from nickel.

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A method and apparatus for remotely crediting and billing usage of a plurality of electronic entertainment machines situated at different locations. Each electronic entertainment is connected via a transmission link to a billing computer situated at a central billing location. The establishment havi ...

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The present invention provides an actuator mechanism for sequentially advancing and retracting a lancet needle and includes a drive carriage for advancing and retracting the lancet needle and a hinge structure operatively connected to displace the drive carriage. The hinge structure includes first a ...