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Kits and compositions are provided for the treatment and repair of defects in the cartilage or bone of humans and other animals as in full-thickness defects in joints. A matrix having pores large enough to allow cells to populate the matrix and to form blood vessels is used to fill the defect in bon ...

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Compounds having a quinazolin-2-(thi)one nucleus are described. These compounds are useful in the inhibition of HIV reverse transcriptase, the prevention or treatment of infection by HIV and the treatment of AIDS, either as compounds, pharmaceutically acceptable salts, pharmaceutical composition ing ...

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A musical reproduction system for use in a domestic or social environment which includes a monitor or screen coupled to a musical reproduction apparatus whereby selection of recordings displayed on the monitor or screen is used to direct selection or play of a given recording on the musical reproduc ...

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Super-absorbent polymers having superior dryness properties when incorporated into absorbent articles are made from acrylic acid and crosslinking agent polymerized under controlled conditions.

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The supporting structure equipped with an electronic circuit with multiple components, especially for signalling lights (indicators) of motor vehicles, comprises strips (42) separated from each other by slits (43), a plurality of the said multiple components (3) being mounted on each of the said str ...

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The optical collimating element for signalling lights (indicators) especially for a motor vehicle, capable of being provided with a supporting structure (4) carrying light-emitting diodes (3), comprises a back face in order to interact with the said light-emitting diodes. Its back face is shaped int ...

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A high definition television (HDTV) signal is transmitted by a multi-subcarrier transmitter (100) in which each subcarrier (f1,f2...f12) is used to carry a different class of HDTV information.

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The invention relates to a process for the preparation of a bridged metallocene compound in which: (I) a bridged double ligand, reacting with a proton acceptor, is converted into a bridged double anion (II) the double anion is converted into the bridged metallocene compound through reaction with a c ...

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An input frame of video sequence is partitioned into smaller blocks of pixel data where each block is subjected to an edge detection which examines the activities in the block itself and the surrounding blocks to determine whether the block can be classified as an edge block. If the block is classif ...

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A frame buffer (16) for a spatial light modulator (17) in a image display system. The frame buffer (16) is comprised of video random access memory devices (VRAM's) having sections of VRAM rows that receive a value from one bit position of all display rows. An allocation circuit (15) provides address ...