Lee Myeong Il: Multicolor display device. Lee Myeong Il, February 27, 1993: KR1019900006335 (1 worldwide citation)

The multicolor display device has a concave mirror (4) at the middle- upper part of reflecting mirror (1) and the rotatable both- sided mirror (6) at the lower side, provides the first reflecting mirror (7) for receiving the reflected lights from the mirror (6), the first and second dichroic mirrors ...

Jacobsen Eric N, Zhang Wei, Deng Li: Catalyseurs chiraux, reactions doxydation catalytique et de dismutation et methodes dobtention depoxychromanes et de taxol, Chiral catalysts, catalytic oxidation and disproportionation reactions, and methods of producing epoxychromans and taxol. Research Corporation Technologies, CASSAN MACLEAN, February 27, 1993: CA2116335

Chiral catalysts for enantioselectively epoxidizing a prochiral olefin and for enantioselectively oxidizing a prochiral sulfideare disclosed, together with methods of using such catalysts. In accordance with one aspect of the invention, the catalyst is a salenderivative which has general structure ( ...

Yamauchi Masahiro, Kaimoto Takashi, Furukawa Mitsuhiko, Rikihisa Katsutoshi, Yoshida Hironori, Watanabe Kenji: Dispositif de chauffage a termistance a coefficient de temperature positif, Positive temperature coefficient thermistor heater device. Kyushu Electric Power Co, Nippon Tungsten, Nippon Tungsten, Kyushu Electric Power Co, ROBIC, February 27, 1993: CA2094498

A panel heater includes a metal plate (2) whose lower side is provided with a PTC ceramic (1). The area corresponding tothe PTC ceramic on the upper side is covered with good heat insulator or air space (4). Materials (3) for conducting the heat ofthe metal plate are provided above the parts other t ...

Quaeck Manfred W: Plancher etanche a elements coulissants les uns par rapport aux autres, Liquid-tight reciprocating floor construction. Quaeck Manfred W, Quaeck Manfred W, GOWLING LAFLEUR HENDERSON, February 27, 1993: CA2093122

A liquid-light reciprocating floor construction (2) includes a plurality of slat s (4) slidable on a plurality of stationary bases (6), with each base (6) supporting an individual slat (4). Each of the bases (6) is unitary in construction such that liquid leaking through the points of contact (16) b ...

Ok Chi Yeong, Cho Jin Man Et Al: Process for preparing l-arginine. Miwon Co, February 27, 1993: KR1019910004990

A L-arginine is prepd. by (a) cell-fusing Corynebacterium glutamicum MW236 having resistance to amino acid analogue and Brevibacterium ammoniagenes havign ATP accumulating ability to obtain the high phosphate energy-producing strain MWF 0427, KFCC 10723, (b) culturing the obtd. MWF 0427 strain in th ...

Kim Cheon Duk: Vinyl house temperature-control method for plants. Kim Cheon Duk, February 27, 1993: KR1019910003472

A large scale vinyl house (4) is equipped with a sensor (2) and intake fan (1) engaged with motor (3) to control temperature in the house (4) with a ventilating hole (5). To control air temp. in the house (4), the fan (1) turns on/off at the set temperature of the sensor (2). A temperature sensor (2 ...

Kim Cheon Duk: Warm air supply method in vinyl house for growing plants. Kim Cheon Duk, February 27, 1993: KR1019910003471

In a large vinyl house (9) comprising small ones (4)(5) on the inside, warm-air is supplied only for the small ones (4)(5) through a pipe (1) having many warm-air spouting holes (2)(3). Warm air spouted from the upper part of the small inner house slowly moves in convection. This method grows plants ...

Yoon Yong Seob: Agent for removing impurities from laver surface. Korea Marine Product Development, February 27, 1993: KR1019910001493

The impurities removing agent is prepd. by (a) mixing 5-30 wt.% citric acid, 5-30 wt.% malic acid or tataric acid, 0.5-2.0 wt.% amino acid, 1.0-8.0 wt.% complex fertilizer and 30-88.5 wt.% water, and (b) re-mixing the obtd. mixt. with seawater (mixing ratio is 10-200) to obtain the final product.

Lee Hae Jin: Production of human epidermal growth factor. Kolon Co, February 27, 1993: KR1019900022765

Prodn. of human epidermal growth factor (EGF) comprises (a) construction of a vector contg. a DNA sequence that encodes the formation of a fused polypeptide of EGF gene attached through CP protein gene which are specific to staphylococcus protein A; (b) transfecting a microbial host with this vector ...

Lee Hae Jin: Process for preparing expression vector with modified polypeptide coding dna. Kolon Co, February 27, 1993: KR1019900022764

A expression vector is prepd. by (a) modifying binding region of immunoglobulin G joining into Staphylococcus protein A to obtain the modified polypeptide, (b) fusing the obtd. polypeptide with the exterior gene by using the polypeptide with the exterior gene by using the polypeptide coding DNA to o ...