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An articular cartilage repair piece (25) to replace a cut-out piece (24) of damaged (23) articular cartilage (22) on a bone (F) in an articulated joint (10) in a mammal includes a backing layer (30) of non-woven, felted fibrous material which is conformable to flat and curved surfaces. The front fac ...

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There is additionally described a method for percutaneous fixation of a pair of vertebrae of a patient, which comprises posterolaterally entering the back of a patient percutaneously with a plurality of pedicle screws (1), screwing each pedicle screw (1) into the medullary canal (2) of the pedicles ...

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A drive hub for a vehicle, in particular bicycle, comprising a hub axle (1, 2), a hub sheath (9) which encloses the hub axle, a driver (13), a friction gear (17), a coupling device and a control device (50) for infinite adjustment of the transmission ratio of the friction gear (17) is constructed wi ...

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A disposable article (12) is provided that has a waistband (38) at one end that can be fastened about the waist of a wearer that is standing up. The portion of the article (12) hanging downwardly from the waistband (38) is then passed between the legs and attached at the back of the wearer. Stretcha ...

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An improved portable electric hand tool that has two rechargeable battery packs in the body thereof that can be selectively connected to the motor in series to provide maximum power or having only one of the batteries connected to the motor for less power mode.

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In order to improve the introduction of the forces and moments transmitted by the tensioning device into the bone in an internal fixator for the correction of a lumbar spondyllisthesis with two bone screws to be screwed into the vertebral body to be corrected or into an adjacent bone, which are conn ...

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A reclosable plastic bag is provided with a zipper assembly having zipper strips mounted on a carrier tape. The carrier tape extends beyond the zipper strips and side seals for the bag extend through the sections of the carrier tape which extend beyond the zippers. A method for producing such bags i ...

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The drive hub for a vehicle, in particular for a bicycle, comprises a hub axle 1, a hub sheath 9 which can be rotated relative thereto and a driver 13 which is mounted on the hub axle 1. The driver 13 drives the hub sheath 9 via a ball-and-socket friction gear 17 whose ball carrier discs 25 and 27 f ...

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The present invention relates to certain nobel substituted heterocycles which are 1-pyrimidinylacetamide compounds of formula I, set out herein, which are inhibitors of human leukocyte elastase (HLE), also known as human neutrophil elastase (HNE), making them useful whenever such inhibition is desir ...

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In a dowel pin (4) for fastening parts of a dental working model on a model base plate (5), comprising a pin (parts 1, 3) which has different profiles and can be pressed under the influence of heat on one end (part 1) into a prefabricated recess (6) in the model base plate (5) consisting of a deform ...