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Multimers of the soluble forms of the tumor necrosis factor receptors (TNF-Rs) are provided. These multimers are produced either by chemical or by recombinant methods. The multimers of the soluble forms of TNF-Rs are useful for protecting mammals (including humans) from the deleterious effects of TN ...

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Die neuen Sulfonamide der Formel I, in der die Symbole R-R, R, R, X, Y und n die in der Beschreibung angegebene Bedeutung haben und Salze davon können als Wirkstoff bei der Herstellung von Heilmitteln zur Behandlung von Kreislauferkrankungen, insbesondere Hypertonie, Ischämie, Vasopasmen und Angina ...

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This invention relates to novel arginine aldehydes, their salts and hydrates, which compounds selectively exhibit serine proteases inhibitory activity, are highly stable in aqueous solutions, and are useful for anti-trypsin and anti-thrombin activity.

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Solid pharmaceutical compositions for oral administration, with prolonged residence in the stomach, consisting of one or more high density inorganic substances, one or more bioadhesive substances, an active ingredient - either as it is or mixed in a carrier system - as well as excipients, binders, l ...

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A method and composition are provided for alleviation of disease states associated with the abnormal accumulation and/or molecular organization of amyloid beta protein, such as manifested in Alzheimer's disease and other CNS amyloid disorders. The invention comprises the administration of a low leve ...

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A substrate having silicon receptive surface areas is maintained in a plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) chamber at a temperature, and under sufficient gas flow, pressure and applied energy conditions to form a gas plasma. The gas plasma is typically made up of hydrogen, but may also ...

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The invention relates to a filtration bag, intended to allow sterile filtration of blood in order to separate the components thereof. The filtration bag comprises an external envelope formed by an assembly of two sheets (9, 10) made of a plastic material, joined at their periphery (25). According to ...

Iwasaki Motoya: Carrier frequency error detector capable of accurately detecting a carrier frequency error.. Nippon Electric Co, February 10, 1993: EP0526833-A2 (56 worldwide citation)

On detecting a carrier frequency error in a received signal, a correlation unit (12) detects a correlated signal in signals which a transmission unique word signal in the received signal and a local unique word signal are differentially detected. A frequency fine detection unit (17) detects a fine f ...

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4-Benzoyl isoxazole derivatives of general formula (I): wherein: R represents cyclopropyl; R represents -S(O)nR; R represents chlorine, bromine or trifluoromethyl; R represents methyl; and n represents 2; and their use as herbicides is described. > w

Baba Toshio: Three terminal tunnel device.. Nippon Electric Co, February 10, 1993: EP0526897-A2 (52 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a three terminal tunnel device exhibiting a tunneling of carriers in a forward direction. The device comprises an intrinsic semiconductor region (4), a n-type degenerate semiconductor source region (3) abutting one side of the intrinsic semiconductor region (4), a p-type degenerate semi ...