Daniel F Casper, Thomas A Gregg, John R Flanagan, Matthew J Kalos, Bjorn O Liencres: Apparatus for constructing data frames for transmission over a data link. International Business Machines, Floyd A Gonzalez, February 9, 1993: US05185862 (24 worldwide citation)

An outbound frame state machine (OFSM) which generates data frames for transmission over a data link. The OFSM is microcode controlled and includes an outbound frame header buffer for containing information to be included in the header of the frame, a data buffer for storing data characters to be in ...

Satoru Okada, Shin Kojo: Compact hand-held video game system. Nintendo Company, Nixon & Vanderhye, February 9, 1993: US05184830 (382 worldwide citation)

A hand-held electronic game machine for use with attachable/detachable memory game packs wherein the game machine includes a case of a size which may be held by a hand and capable of being sandwiched by both hands with a first switch disposed at a position such that during a game it can be operated ...

James E Summerton, Dwight D Weller: Uncharged morpolino-based polymers having phosphorous containing chiral intersubunit linkages. Anti Gene Deveopment Group, Peter J Dehlinger, Gary R Fabian, February 9, 1993: US05185444 (371 worldwide citation)

A polymer composition is disclosed composed of morpholino subunit structures linked together by uncharged, chiral linkages, one-three atoms in length. These chiral linkages join the morpholino nitrogen of one subunit to the 5' exocyclic carbon of an adjacent subunit. Each subunit contains a purine o ...

Shiro Nankai, Mariko Kawaguri, Takashi Iijima: Method for making a biosensor. Matsushita Electric Industrial, Lowe Price LeBlanc & Becker, February 9, 1993: US05185256 (348 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to a biosensor which comprises an insulative base, an electrode system formed on the substrate and primarily made of carbon, and a perforated body having an enzyme and an electron acceptor and integrally combined with the electrode system whereby a concentration of a specific ...

John M Putman: Endoscope stabilizer. Dennis T Griggs, February 9, 1993: US05184601 (319 worldwide citation)

A portable console includes a universal positioning arm for holding a surgical instrument such as an endoscope during a surgical procedure. Coarse adjustment of instrument elevation above an operating table is provided by a reversible drive motor which extends and retracts an upright support shaft f ...

Michael D Good, James B Munson: Torque motor as a tactile feedback device in a computer system. Digital Equipment Corporation, Ronald E Myrick, Barry N Young, Ronald C Hudgens, February 9, 1993: US05185561 (294 worldwide citation)

A hand held, one dimensional, torque feedback device is used to feel and manipulate computer generated visual information and associated torque forces. In the preferred embodiment, molecular bond data is manipulated in a virtual reality system. The device can also be used with a workstation generate ...

Steven D Zimmermann: Omniview motionless camera orientation system. TeleRobotics International, Pitts and Brittian, February 9, 1993: US05185667 (286 worldwide citation)

A device for omnidirectional image viewing providing pan-and-tilt orientation, rotation, and magnification within a hemispherical field-of-view that utilizes no moving parts. The imaging device is based on the effect that the image from a fisheye lens, which produces a circular image of an entire he ...

Bernard Langlais, Christian Saunier: Method and device for training in the driving of vehicles. Codes Rousseau, Millen White Zelano and Branigan, February 9, 1993: US05184956 (286 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a method and a device for training in the driving of vehicles and especially land vehicles, in which a sequence of images is displayed on a screen placed opposite to a driving station for a trainee driver and is caused to move in accordance with control operations initiated ...

Jeff C Wu: Automatic discovery of network elements. Hewlett Packard Company, February 9, 1993: US05185860 (277 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a computer network node discovery system that provides a general way of discovering network elements, or nodes, connected to a computer network, and a specific algorithm for discovering nodes connected to a TCP/IP network, using the SNMP protocol available within the TCP/IP network soft ...


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