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A composite elastic material having a stress relaxation of less than about 30 percent is composed of at least one elastic sheet formed from a blend of (1) a styrene-poly(ethylene-propylene)-styrene thermoplastic elastomeric block copolymer or a mixture of styrene-poly(ethylene-propylene)-styrene and ...

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A method and apparatus for monitoring the performance of fuel cells arranged in series. More particularly, the method and apparatus involve the measurement and comparison of fuel cell performance indicators, such as voltage, in groups of cells connected in series. In a first embodiment, the voltage ...

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Change processing of a replica database is accomplished by separating redo records obtained from the transaction log of a primary database into respective queues. The redo records are separated such that all transaction records for a unit of transfer (page) of the primary database are placed on the ...

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A digitized video system having a display including one or more multi-frequency sensitive materials and a spatial lighy modulator simultaneously directing a plurality individual beams from an energy source onto the display.

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A method is disclosed for providing sharp breakthrough of tracers in a two-well tracer test by injecting a relatively small volume of tracer at a high rate into a temporary injection well, and utilizing the flow induced by producing wells to transport the tracers across the formation to a producing ...

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Protective body padding comprising a plurality of foam modules interconnected by a membrane. The foam modules and/or membrane have a plurality of perforations extending completely therethrough and a matrix of interconnecting air channels designed to provide breathability and cooling capacity to allo ...

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A dilation catheter having an inflatable member and an element for retaining a curved shape, and a method of using same to restore patency to an obstructed portion of the lacrimal system. The catheter is inserted into the lacrimal system and the inflatable member is positioned in the obstructed port ...