Michael Froix: Expandable polymeric stent with memory and delivery apparatus and method. Flehr Hohbach Test Albritton & Herbert, November 17, 1992: US05163952 (665 worldwide citation)

Self-restrained stent for use in a lumen of a vessel of a patient having a body with the vessel therein, comprising a substantially cylindrical member formed of a plastic material having a built-in elastic predetermined diameter and having a memory provided therein of a diameter greater than the pre ...

Daniel W Kuchta, Peter J Sucy: Electronic still camera providing multi-format storage of full and reduced resolution images. Eastman Kodak Company, David M Woods, November 17, 1992: US05164831 (494 worldwide citation)

An electronic still camera employs digital processing of image signals corresponding to a still image and storage of the processed image signals in a removable static random access memory card. An image sensor is exposed to image light and the resultant analog image information is converted to digit ...

Dennis J Vince: Toroidal artificial heart valve stent. Townsend and Townsend, November 17, 1992: US05163953 (482 worldwide citation)

A stent for a heart valve. The valve has a flap valve of biological material. The stent has a generally toroidal body formed of a flexible coil of wire. A plurality of posts extend upwardly from the body to mount the flap valves. The stent in combination with a percutaneous balloon dilatable cathete ...

Deborah C Gordon, Frank A Brunot: Method and apparatus for continuously and noninvasively measuring the blood pressure of a patient. Paramed Technology Incorporated, Limbach & Limbach, November 17, 1992: US05163438 (396 worldwide citation)

In the present invention, a method and an apparatus for measuring the blood pressure of a patient continuously and non-invasively is disclosed. The blood pressure is determined by measuring the harmonic frequencies and displacements of an arterial wall of the patient. The measurements are then calib ...

Leonard Pinchuk: Carbon coated tubular endoprosthesis. Cordis Corporation, Lockwood Alex Fitzgibbon & Cummings, November 17, 1992: US05163958 (378 worldwide citation)

An elongated tubular endoprosthesis or stent is provided which includes a carbon coated surface that is antithrombogenic and helps to restrain the metal body member of the endoprosthesis in the event of a fracture thereof. By providing a suitable underlayer surface to which the carbon coating genera ...

Matthew Turk, Alex P Pentland: Face recognition system. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Fish & Richardson, November 17, 1992: US05164992 (356 worldwide citation)

A recognition system for identifying members of an audience, the system including an imaging system which generates an image of the audience; a selector module for selecting a portion of the generated image; a detection means which analyzes the selected image portion to determine whether an image of ...

Peter M Bonutti: Fluid operated retractors. Tarolli Sundheim & Covell, November 17, 1992: US05163949 (338 worldwide citation)

A fluid operated retractor for use in surgery. The retractor has a portion which is expandable upon the introduction of fluid under pressure. The expandable portion is made of a material strong enough, and is inflated to enough pressure, to spread adjoining tissues within the body. The retractor is ...

Leonard Pinchuk, John B Martin Jr, Bruce A Weber: Mesh composite graft. Corvita Corporation, Lockwood Alex Fitzgibbon & Cummings, November 17, 1992: US05163951 (300 worldwide citation)

A mesh composite graft including an inner component, an outer component formed from strands of durable material, such as polyethylene terephthalate, and an intermediate component made from strands of biocompatible synthetic material having a melting point less than that of the durable material from ...

Roy L Sumner: In-vehicle traffic congestion information system. Farradyne Systems, Banner Birch McKie & Beckett, November 17, 1992: US05164904 (276 worldwide citation)

The In-Vehicle Traffic Congestion Information System (ICI system) consists of a technique to provide real-time traffic congestion data to drivers of suitably equipped vehicles. The ICI system includes apparatus for gathering and formatting data at a central location, transmitting the data to vehicle ...

Vernon G Wong: Biodegradable ocular implants. Visionex, Bertram I Rowland, November 17, 1992: US05164188 (270 worldwide citation)

Encapsulated agents are employed for introduction into the suprachoroid of an eye for therapeutic purposes. The administration of drugs is controlled and maintained for long periods of time, while ensuring the substantial absence of significant levels outside the site of administration.

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