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A file server architecture is disclosed, comprising as separate processors, a network controller unit, a file controller unit and a storage processor unit. These units incorporate their own processors, and operate in parallel with a local Unix host processor. All networks are connected to the networ ...

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Collagen, particularly atelopeptide collagen, exhibits improved handling characteristics when chemically conjugated and/or crosslinked with a synthetic hydrophilic polymer.

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Improvements in the circuits and techniques for read, write and erase of EEprom memory enable nonvolatile multi-state memory to operate with enhanced performance over an extended period of time. In the improved circuits for normal read, and read between write or erase for verification, the reading i ...

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An improved radially expandable stent formed from a fine wire bent into a serpentine flat ribbon which is wound around a mandrel into a cylindrical sleeve for mounting on a balloon catheter for transluminal insertion in a vessel such as a blood vessel is provided. A very small diameter fine platinum ...

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An integral interstitial fluid sensor for application to the skin of a person or an animal for the detection of chemical components of tissue fluid is disclosed. The fluid sensor comprises a substrate of a porous material for the passage of the interstitial fluid therethrough. At least two electrode ...

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An ultrasonic imaging system employs a processing circuit which enables the imaging system to accurately display the location of an element in a body by utilizing a transducer which provides an electric signal when an ultrasonic wave impinges thereon. The electric signal is processed to determine th ...

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The system and method for flow triggering pressure supported ventilation include a source of a predetermined, preinspiratory, constant flow of breathing gas to a patient, one or more flow sensors for measuring the rate of gas flow in a flow path communicating with the patient, means for determining ...

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A digitized video system utilizing a spatial light modulator which includes deformable mirror devices to form an image. The image is projected onto a moving surface which intersects each point within a three dimensional space to allow the display of a three dimensional image. Each mirror cell is cap ...

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A new file backup system facilitates backup of a file while it is being updated. The file header includes a set of flags which synchronize the backup operation. After the backup operation has begun, if a portion of the file being backed up requires updating, the portion of the original file to be up ...

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A method for extruding a wide variety of plural-component fiber configurations in a spin pack utilizes one or more disposable distributor plates in which distributor flow paths are etched on one or both sides to distribute the polymer components to appropriate spinneret inlet hole locations. The etc ...