Charles E Perkins: Network address management for a wired network supporting wireless communication to a plurality of mobile users. International Business Machines Corporation, Perman & Green, October 27, 1992: US05159592 (556 worldwide citation)

Apparatus and method for managing bidirectional transmission of information between a wired network and at least one mobile communication unit (10) in wireless communication with the wired network. The wired network is of the type wherein users of the network are each assigned a unique network addre ...

Lilip Lau, William M Hartigan: Method and system for stent delivery. Advanced Cardiovascular Systems, October 27, 1992: US05158548 (505 worldwide citation)

A stent delivery system having an expandable stent in a contracted condition positioned on an expandable member, such as an inflatable balloon, disposed on the distal portion of an elongated catheter body. A guidewire extends through an inner lumen within the elongated catheter body and out its dist ...

David T Green: One-piece surgical staple. United States Surgical Corporation, Thomas R Bremer, October 27, 1992: US05158567 (384 worldwide citation)

The anvilless surgical stapler includes a pair of stapling assemblies which are mounted on the articulated handles of an applicator. Each stapling assembly includes a mounting block and a staple cartridge which is slidably mounted within the block. Further, each cartridge has a housing with a plural ...

Wayne L Mullins: Lottery game and method for playing same. Rosenbaum & Schwartz, October 27, 1992: US05158293 (368 worldwide citation)

A lottery game and a method for playing a lottery game which incorporates an instant play type lottery game combined with a jackpot type lottery game and also incorporates a second bonus jackpot type drawing where only selected tickets from the original lottery jackpot drawing are eligible to win an ...

Robert G Zicker: Method of selecting the cellular system with which a cellular mobile radiotelephone communicates. GTE Mobile Communications Service, Lowell W Gresham, Jordan M Meschkow, Don J Flickinger, October 27, 1992: US05159625 (229 worldwide citation)

A remotely programmable cellular mobile radiotelephone (CMR 12) is configured to select (1300) a cellular system (14-16) with which to communicate while roaming. The CMR (12) utilizes a default system selection process. The system selected using this default process is identified (1302) and a SID li ...

David J Asher: Touch sensor and controller. October 27, 1992: US05159159 (212 worldwide citation)

A touch sensor is disclosed that senses the two-dimensional position and pressure of an object 34, such as a stylus or finger, that is touching its surface. The sensor is comprised of two insulating substrates 28 and 29 which extend over the area to be sensed. A first fixed resistor 33 establishes a ...

Leonard A Trudell, Anthony D Whittemore: Diameter expansion cannula. Brigham and Women s Hospital, Sterne Kessler Goldstein & Fox, October 27, 1992: US05158545 (205 worldwide citation)

The present invention is a diameter expansion cannula apparatus which is used to establish fluid flow to a healthy blood vessel or to a diseased blood vessel. The cannula apparatus has a cannula which is coated with silicone and is formed of a braided construction which provides the cannula with an ...

Paul F Umbeck: Genetic engineering of cotton plants and lines. Agracetus, Quarles & Brady, October 27, 1992: US05159135 (202 worldwide citation)

A method is disclosed to achieve genetic transformation of cotton plants and lines. Immature cotton tissues are genetically transformed in vitro, by Agrobacterium-mediated genetic transformation. The resultant cotton tissues are subjected to a selection agent or agents to screen for transformants. T ...

Roland G Borrey, Daniel G Borrey: Document identification by characteristics matching. Christie Parker & Hale, October 27, 1992: US05159667 (202 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to an automatic identification method for scanned documents in an electronic document capture and storage system. The invention uses the technique of recognition of global document features compared to a knowledge base of known document types. The system first segments the dig ...

Harry R Hinney, Don S Wardius: Process for preparing metal cyanide complex catalyst. Arco Chemical Technology, Stephen D Harper, October 27, 1992: US05158922 (193 worldwide citation)

Highly active double metal cyanide complex catalysts suitable for use in ring-opening polymerization reactions may be prepared in filterable form by controlling the order of reagent addition, the temperature of the reaction medium, and the stoichiometric ratio of the reactants.

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