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The invention relates to a clip applicator for ligature clips, particularly for laparoscopic operations, comprising a tubular rod system, at whose one end is provided a two-part, scissor-like handle and at whose opposite end are provided jaws for receiving a clip, in which one handle part of the sci ...

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A monobore completion system where the well is completed using a tubing conveyed perforating completion system having an automatic gun release and support for the tubing conveyed perforating guns.

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Biosensors are provided employing a thin crystalline diyne surfactant polymeric electrically conducting layer to which may be bound members of specific binding pairs. Binding of an analyte or a reagent to the specific binding pair member layer may change the electrical, optical or structural propert ...

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An adhesive assembly is provided having a temperature-sensitive adhesive composition coated on the surface of a selected substrate. The adhesive composition is nontacky or slightly tacky at room temperature, but is aggressively tacky at skin temperature. The assemblies include adhesive tapes, bandag ...

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A system for authenticating a hard copy of an original document. The system employs a special copying machine at the sender's end together with a special ID card (smart card) or other user identification for activating the special machine, and a special copying machine at the receiving end. At the s ...

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A method and apparatus for selectively sintering a layer of powder to produce a part comprising a plurality of sintered layers. The apparatus includes a computer controlling a laser to direct the laser energy onto the powder to produce a sintered mass. The computer either determines or is programmed ...

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A downhole oil well tool uses impact, reciprocal drilling and an improved rotating bit or like working member, receiving both fluid pressure and weight from an elongated pipe string with a flow bore in order to drive the tool. A valve within tool housing controls fluid pressure to the working end so ...

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A dual lumen catheter especially for use in prolonged access haemodialysis, which meets the requirements of flexibility and softness for prolonged access in a vein, and which is shaped to include a curved portion to be placed between the tunnel and the subclavian vein.

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A pacemaker sense amplifier which includes active circuitry which establishes and maintains a constant field density between two electrode poles, effectively clamping them together at a substantially fixed potential difference. The amount of current or power required to maintain this condition in th ...

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An external anchoring system for securing medical tubing to a body includes a resilient receptor disposed upon the exterior of a tube to be anchored; means for attachment of the anchoring system to the body; means for linking connected to the means for attachment to the body; and a knoblet projectin ...